Tuesday, March 15, 2016

promise to myself

by looking at different people and thinking about why some of them are more positive and happier than others, i began noticing things that make this difference.

these are few of my observations:

be open to other people. open people attract you, they are the ones that you like straightaway, whom you distinguish in a crowd, around whom you want to be, you want to be the part of their universe. and the best thing about these people is that they let you in. happiness is contagious. this strategy works great. if you are not the happiest of people at some point of your life, you can stick to those who are and can share it. but only if you are willing to share the happiness with open heart, without envy

be open to new things. how often have new emotions, experiences and things made you happy? those things make me happy everyday. new hobby?  new adventure? new people? new project? new year? h.a.p.p.y.

be open to communication and friendship with people of different ages, beliefs and thoughts.
i got to know a person several days ago, who is celebrating 70 years this year. we were attending pre-marathon event and there he was sitting among people twice or even more younger than he was. he was laughing with them, laughing at their jokes, clapping to their news and loving music they were listening to. just by looking at him i got the energy and vibes for the rest of the day. when you are happy with you life, you can do lots of things and be around lots of different people and get even more forces and energy from them. my bachi has this talent of befriending everyone around him. ask his 10 year old godson - bachi is his best friend, so is he for his 60-year old diving-club partner, or for his 3-year old son, or me, his almost-30-years-old wife. and he is happy, because he learns lots of things from all of us, he teaches lots of things and is in constant mode of learning, sharing, feeling.

find it in the simpliest of things. some time ago i realized that i began losing control over my happiness. everyday situations at tbilisi roads, different habits of different people, bad service everywhere - all these things made me want to comment, argue and worry all the time. with this post i am stopping this trend in my life. and return back to finding happiness in small things. i stopped driving car to work and began smiling to the raindrops on my way home, i will look at an aggressive person and try to fall in love with him (tata, thank you for that!), i will stop complaining... this is a promise to myself.