Thursday, October 31, 2013

love indicators

i am an observer. i like to observe different things, situations, people.. people especially. and people in love are my favourite ones to observe. one thing i find in common between most of the couples is their love for nicknames. if you belong to the happy number of people in love (mutually), you must belong to the happy number of people who come up with all the possible letter combinations to call their second halves. i have known boo's, du's, ku's and many others, and i think that probably it's weird if you don't want to nickname your love. nickname is a sort of meter - the closer you get, the nicknamier you are.

and then comes the voice. people in love talk with different voice. when the phone rings and you watch a person pick up - that's when you get right away who is calling. voices change, become sweeter, happier and brighter when they talk to their loved voices. yes, voice is probably the most important indicator of love.

kindness is yet another one: when people are happily in love, they become kinder. i have seen some really aggressive and unkind people turning into small sunshines, once they were loved by somebody.

usually my posts have some conclusions, would it be a pretty trivial one, if i say:  love, come up with nicknames, change voices and become kinder!?        
... and i will be there to observe :)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

a little brain wash for young-me

every time i need to lift up my mood, i reach for the 'memory' box, which i have been filling in since childhood. i keep old invitations, greeting cards, tickets, love letters ... and my diary, which i used to write between 1999 and 2003. i started when i was 13.

looking back at my old notes in the diary, i wish i could have had the chance to tell my young-me that all those things which i used to worry about then would eventually turn out so good. i would be successful at entering the university, i would enjoy studying there and have a pretty successful career path. i would like not only characters from Beverly Hills 90210, members of 5ive and boys from the school, but i would actually meet many interesting people and communicate with them without blushing and feeling awkward. that i would like pictures of me taken, and i would never hide away from the camera. i would make my young-me so much more confident if i could only have one small talk with her.

maybe this is the right thing to fix in our children, help them be more open and confident, by telling them how great they are and how even greater everything will turn out.