Friday, May 30, 2014

00's music

at some point in life i stopped watching tv. i'm not sure when it happened, but the last time i had tv on for a long period of time was during my student years, when i used to watch vhi1 and mtv, or to put it right, when used to listen to them.

this evening i turned on tv to find a movie to watch, i was too lazy to look anything up on the internet. and since i couldn't find anything worth stopping at, i reached vh1, which had the top songs of 00's on. i can't express what a great feeling it is to suddenly go back to your student years with lenny kravitz, kylie minogue, wyclef jean and alicia keys..

does anything in this world give you so many different emotions as music?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

ready for happiness

good day my dear readers,

in case you have missed nice good-afternoon tunes, this song below is for you. i have been thinking about one quote that my friend sent to me today

if you think about it, it is so true! there are so many things we reject because we say, we are not ready. not ready for children, not ready for relationship, for moving on, for happiness. you can sit in the same comfort position and be afraid of changes, because, as we all know, changes lead to the breaking of something you are already used to. but until you try new things, you can never judge what is best. the comparison makes it possible to find what is best for you, what you like and love more. so don't be afraid of changes, be ready for them, because once you start something new, you may never want to go back.

and start something new now. don't loose time on weighing possibilities, on writing down pluses and minuses and thinking. be ready for happiness. now.

Soundtrack: Jack Hoban & Wendy Reizer - Moonlight on the Sands

Friday, May 16, 2014

sunday kind of love

my love for etta james is huge. her voice and manner of singing is inexpressible with words. you know, every person has his type of performers, by that i mean those performers, whose songs one can listen to without skipping one or another. those artists, whose cd you buy/download and you love listening to all the songs from the very first interlude to the very last beat. honestly speaking i don't have a lot of such artists. but etta james is definitely on that list. together with barry white, george benson, marvin gaye, remy shand and gladys knight.

'a sunday kind of love' is such a wonderful song, with such great lyrics, that when you listen to it, you immediately forget it's friday morning and you are sitting at work planning this or that. you feel like you are on a pier, sunny sunday afternoon and..

...I do my Sunday dreaming
And all my Sunday scheming
Every minute, every hour, every day..

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

samba de verao

during my student years i had worked as an interpreter on EU-Russian Chamber of Commerce conference. it was a group of 15 of us, who were translating everything during several days. at that conference i got to know a person working in UNECA's Ethiopian office. he was a very interesting person, who had the same passion for brazilian music just as i did. he gave me the cd of BossaCucaNova and told me it was a band by children of those great musicians who invented bossa nova. since then i have learned everything about this band and listened to tones of their music and loved them more and more.

i have noticed that somehow my love for bossa nova keeps on bringing me new friends all the time. be it a colleague from diageo's london office, or a coach from creative workshop in kiev, or a neighbour in the plane to istanbul - once you realize you have a partner in bossa nova love - you immediately know you have a new friend.

so here is the great song 'samba de verao' for you in two versions - first, by caetano veloso, which i have heard many years ago and loved instantly and second, live version by bossacucanova and marcus valle, a perfect version for such a sunny day as today.

funny story about this song is that i adore it so much i know it perfectly by heart, and in queues or any other places where i have to wait, i count the waiting minutes by singing this song, which is 3 minutes strict, it has become such a funny habit, that i don't need alarm clocks anymore.