Friday, December 26, 2014

my favourite choice

not all of our best friends follow us from childhood. when we are little, our friends are the ones with whom we go to kindergarden, later school and university, those are the children of our parents' friends, the classmates of our siblings, our neighbours and dance class partners. those are the people we don't choose, life gives them to us according to the circumstances. many of them are then lost, but the few who stay, stay forever. when we grow up, we choose our friends ourselves. of course life and destiny have those people laid in store for us in a way, but the choice is more dependent on us, than it was at the time we wore ballerina skirts at age 7.

today is the birthday of my favourite choice - mancho. she is someone who is always there. someone who understands me a bit more than i understand myself. and someone who always believes in me, even when i don't. mancho is a true sunshine, her laughter is absolutely contagious, her heart is open for everyone and she fits there so many people who are lucky to get the rays of her sun. and she is real, she never lets you down and is your partner in every crime.

manch, thank you for all you support and love. you know that i am always there for you to share your every smile and every emotion. and i am the luckiest person in the world to be your personal choice too.

Friday, December 12, 2014


“She wasn’t doing a thing that I could see, except standing there leaning on the balcony railing, holding the universe together.”
—J. D. Salinger, “A Girl I Knew”

“He stepped down, trying not to look long at her, as if she were the sun, yet he saw her, like the sun, even without looking.”

“I loved her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be.”

― Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

"Why don't you tell me that 'if the girl had been worth having she'd have waited for you'? No, sir, the girl really worth having won't wait for anybody.”― F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise

“The curves of your lips rewrite history.”
—Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

"Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure."
-- Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

the happy wait

we all wait for something. in this post i won't be talking about why the waiting is bad, why we should never wait and do things right away. in this  post i want to talk about the good waiting, the good feelings waiting gives us.

probably this is the time of the year when everyone is in waiting mode globally. with december getting colder and colder everyday, our hopes and dreams for the coming year are getting bigger and bigger. i love that super feeling between now and the actual moment when you know something you have been thinking and getting ready for is coming. the moment of happy shaking heart. when you count the days and it is closer and closer. may it be the arrival of your friends whom you have been missing a lot, your birthday for those who love it, the opening of presents under the christmas tree, or more precisely, the opening of your presents by someone for whom you have been packing them in the first place; the flight date to a long awaited destination, the airing of your project, the ding of your favourite dish on the oven, first snow in georgia, a present on your workplace from secret santa, a perfectly fitting dress from the atelier, the city lighting up with the decorations, the first notes of the song on a concert of your favourite band - i'm talking about all those things that you know for sure are going to happen and you keep striking out the days on the calendar to get closer to them every day.

the best part about this waiting is knowing that some of the best things of our lives haven't happened yet. and we exactly know they are worth waiting for.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

წარსულმა სულ თან წაიღო

the more i grow up the more i fall in love with georgian music. my childhood was not full of it and the better it is now to fill my life with georgian tunes day by day.

i get huge pleasure listening to georgian polyphony and the list of my favourite georgian songs is rising and rising. i have never been able to sing. they say 3 out of 4 georgians can sing. i attribute myself to that one, multiplied by 100. but this cannot keep me from enjoying and singing these songs to myself.

sharing with you one of my favourite songs written by Jansug Kakhidze - genius, whose songs bring me the most goosebumps. here performed not by him, but in style which i love most. have a good warm day despite the weather outside the window.

Friday, November 14, 2014

good talk

i love conversations.

they are my motivators. my favourite moments are connected with good talk, warm atmosphere and sharing. how great it is to talk to with a person whom you can tell all the stuff that interests you and hear his/her point of view. and how great it is when those views are close to each other. i am not an argument type of person. some people love dialogues which inevitably turn into arguments and proving opposite things to each other. i love when people have lots and lots of things in common. i love when one starts saying a word and the other one finishes. i love when you feel like listening and i love how the time flies by in that moments.

how rare it is to find people whom you like talking with. once you do, make sure to stick to them and don't let go.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

what new music does to you

these days i think not many people are left who still order or buy cd's, instead of downloading them from itunes or elsewhere. i can say i am one of those people, who still loves to collect those cd's, put nice boxes on the shelves and listen to music from beautiful printed discs.

i hate traffic jams, i used to stand in them a lot when i lived in moscow. of course the time spent in traffic jams in moscow and tbilisi is different, but i can say tbilisi makes you quite nervous in that sense as well. not that much because of the amount of cars (which is incomparable to moscow) but because of the georgian manner of driving, which is something that i can't bare. but these traffic jams become so much nicer, when i have a new cd to listen to. i even wish that a traffic jam was everywhere on the way to my home, when a cd has such wonderful music, as in the one i'm sharing with you now.

the soundtrack of 'woman on top' is just what i like - bossa nova in its best performance. there is one more thing i am realizing these days, i have listened to so many brazilian songs, that i can fluently understand portuguese, the only thing left is my visit to rio.

georgian spirit

i like being georgian. it gives me so much pride and happiness to be born here and to live here. when you are georgian you are a part of something big, which has no boarders and limits. having lived in different countries and having returned back to georgia, it makes me look at many things here with the eyes of a tourist. but this feeling of tourist is bonused with the feeling of belonging. when you feel you are a part of something that you still are fanatic about from aside.

i like the feeling of meeting georgians in other countries. you meet an absolutely unknown person who automatically is very close to you only because he is the same nation as you. when i am abroad and hear georgian language, i can never help myself from going and saying something to those talking. and as a result i always hear lots of greetings, happiness and emotions from the other side. how many times have i had dinner with people who i just met in the morning just on the basis of georgianness. how many people have helped me, directed me and encouraged me when i was abroad only because i am from tbilisi.

and that is why i am a georgian fan. one of many many reasons, which i feel every day.
good morning my dear readers!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

little tbilisi

i like writing about my city. it inspires me in so many ways. i can wander around it and be fascinated by its little streets, beautiful buildings, old yards, gates and pavements.

one thing that fascinates me is how small tbilisi is. on the one hand for a person who has lived in a huge megalopolis all his life it should be pretty difficult to get used to the scale of one small capital. but the truth is that i absolutely adore it. i adore meeting people in the streets, saying hi to several people while walking down one and the same avenue and all the emotions those hi's bring.

you may argue the comfort of one small city, here the gossips and bad news spread quickly, everyone knows everything, but just as the bad news spread, so do the good news, everyone is there for you and you know you are never alone in anything. the rule of six handshakes turns into two handshakes here. and those handshakes makes life easy and comfortable.

i love my city. it is full of warmth. full of smiles and full of kindness. and if you don't agree, i'm ready to argue with lots and lots of examples.

leaving you with one of my favourite georgians songs, realizing that i am not posting georgian music quite often, which i promise to improve.

Friday, October 3, 2014


have you noticed what a dance does to you? try to remember that feeling you have when you dance. the feeling of freedom and flight. when i dance to the music that i love, i can close my eyes and be the happiest person on earth. in that moment i forget everything.

if you're sad, dance makes you happy, and if you're happy - it makes you three times happier.
i like what baz luhrmann once said - dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but in our own living room. and that is so true - once you feel tired, or sad or melancholic - all you need to do to get better is dance. dance anywhere - in the street, in the office, on the bed. the blood turns into the tunes of a song and dances its way through your body, making you a different person.

my son is a devoted dancer. i think genetics did its thing and every morning he wakes us up with the request to turn on the music and dance. i won't lie - this is how our every day starts. and my mornings have never been better.

this particular song i'm sharing with you is by melody gardot. i have posted her songs not once on my blog, i love her voice and her manner of singing very much. this song is very positive, and its video is worth watching, especially on this grey day, when we lack colours, sun and warmth.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

magic in the moonlight

i love woody allen's latest movies for their beautiful scenes. probably on my list of favourite directors, he is number two after wes anderson. sometimes i see a very big resemblance in movies of those two wonderful directors and one thing they have hundred percent in common for me is that i wait for movies of both of them with huge thrill of joy.

magic in moonlight sounded great from the very beginning and i was anticipating its resemblance with midnight in paris which i loved a lot. the mood was very close indeed. firstly, the entourage and sceneries. secondly the music, as for me woody has fantastic choice of music in his movies. they all take you away from this century and land you in the great era of gold and sparkle. after music comes the humor. i absolutely adore the funny dialogs and settings in 'magic'. one scene changes into another and brings more and more smiles. and oh, the actors. i have always loved colin firth, who for some reason is always a mark darcy for me. and even here i was listening to stanley, but was hearing mark darcy. is it me, or maybe it is colin who is so used to playing mark darcys that he is going deeper and deeper inside this character. and i absolutely loved emma stone. she is so charming and beautiful in this role, that i cannot think of anyone else who would fit sophie just as perfect as emma does.

if you are looking for a nice heart warming movie to get your mind off work and everyday things, magic in the moonlight is a perfect movie to watch and transform into france of 1930's.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

my bebo. part 2.

one thing i know for sure - is that all the time your grandparents are alive, you are still a child. once they go away, they somehow take your childhood with them. today i am remembering my grandmother, who was the last one of my grandparents to leave me and whom i miss very very much.

apart from the feeling of childhood, there is this huge love you miss. i think that grandmothers can love in an absolutely different way. when parents apart from their love have lots of remarks, bans and rules, there is hardly any 'no' from grandparents. because all they can give you is their huge love, lots of kisses and million hugs.

i realized that i have dedicated a post to my bebo in this blog already, and a small search in posts confirmed it and said it was in 2011. but i decided not to take this new post down. because it comes from my heart and i want my bebo to know how much all of us miss her. though she may not be reading my blog or understanding english, but all those thoughts about her for sure are reaching the heaven, where she absolutely for sure is now.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

birthday girl

it's been a while since i have talked to you about my dear friends. the reason i'm writing this post is that today is the birthday of my soulpart whom i can't congratulate in person, because she is sitting on a conference in svaneti, but whos birthday is a big big day for me for many reasons.

in every persons life there are someones who occupy important parts in his heart, in his brain, in his mind. salome, apart from all that occupies a very important part in my soul. when i talk to her, i always know she will get everything right, understand and feel absolutely the same. i can talk with her for hours on the smallest matters on earth. she may not be the stormiest and loudest person on earth, but she is a calm sea, that gives you strength and huge inspiration.

she is extraordinary, nothing she does or likes is conventional. and she is super talented - she can turn anything into a beautiful and tasteful piece of art. her inner world itself is a piece of art, enormously huge and colourful.

and what is the best, she is the most comfortable person on earth, with whom you constantly feel at home.

happy birthday my soulpart, wish you all the best in your life and may all those kind and wonderful things you do turn and get back to you in twice as much amounts.

this small music video is to create the mood for salome's birthday today, and me wishing to have a few days with her walking around paris just like pink martini does.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

one wave

one wave is the most important thing on this earth. in friendship, in partnership, in marriage - in all the successful relationships. how often do you see a couple and think why on earth can they make one team? they can and they do, if they are on the same wave. probably this is the best theory of all the relationship theories - the one wave theory.

this wave is not universal, and it differs from couple to couple, but one thing is true for all of them - when two people agree on the main things which define their relationship - they are fine. for some people these main things are their understanding of truth, honesty, attention, for others million physical things, attitude towards friends, understanding of fun. as complex or as simple as that.

one wave defines the success of friendship just the same. and it brings such comfort. take time and send an 'i love you' to those people of whom you thought when reading this post. let them know they are on your wave.


Friday, September 12, 2014

begin again

i was thinking about this movie since the moment i saw it first several days ago. i have been thinking a lot about it and planning to write a post/review and even now i am hesitating. i am not sure i can transform my ideas and thoughts about it into a blogpost in the right way. and in a weirdly strange way, i sort of want to keep all my emotions inside and live with the thoughts about this movie for sometime more without taking it all out. but i also want to talk about it. if some of you, my readers, have seen it - i would be happy to talk to you about its music, its ending, the storyline, the main characters.

those of you who have seen it and are not as excited as i am, don't judge me, i am the hugest romantic in this world and get super emotional over movies with beautiful music and a non-banal lovestory.

today i realized that i can call it my favourite movie of this year. mainly because of its music, but also because of many other things. music is for sure on the top of my list. i have amazoned the soundtrack and am in process of waiting to drive, walk, sleep and dream with the background of it. the best part is that its keira knightley and adam levine singing. i was ready to love adam's singing from the beginning, but couldn't even imagine how wonderful keira's voice is. absolutely simple voice, which is magical and beautiful in its simplicity. i have never been a keira fan. but here i even like how she looks. her style and the way she acts - everything makes her character complete and very attractive. and apart from the music and cast, there are those moments, which bring butterflies. that moment when mark ruffalo hears the arrangement behind keira's first appearance on stage. i am not a composer but i also hear those things, even in the street i hear the music of car wheels and bird noises and people's steps. even though i have no musical talent, i realize i am still a part of this huge music love and it makes me feel so good. and just as the main characters, i am a huge believer that you can say a lot about person if you learn what he listens to. that is why i fell in love with bachi in the first place. he even passed my test song - very yes by bootsy collins. when it turned out to be his favourite song as well, that was the moment when i knew it was him.

about the ending i can say only one thing - if it had ended in a different way, i wouldn't be writing this post in the first place. because it was the ending which made it so different and not banal. one thing that is left is to hope that more of such wonderful movies will come out with a higher frequency.

 leaving you with keira and my soundtrack of the month.

Friday, August 22, 2014

no photos available

i have been thinking a lot about photos these days. and realizing that with the appearance of facebook and later instagram, photos began to play such a huge role in everyone's life. we take photos of everything, our iphones are always lacking memories and there are no filters left unused. i sometimes also catch myself on the fact that i look at a beautiful scenery through the screen of instagram photo upload. the other half of me realizes that is not healthy. we miss those real-life beautiful sceneries and lots of other things while running after beautiful shots.

i sometimes have a feeling that people make parties, events, meet ups, travel tours and many other things just in the sake of uploading photos of them. and that feeling also tells me that the less photos you take - the better time is usually spent in real life. and that is when you realize that after a party is over, if the only thing in your camera roll looks like this

you can say it's been a really cool party. 
leaving you with my favourite summer tune and your parties to enjoy without iphones

Monday, August 11, 2014

my city that's never late

i love to watch cities wake up.

tbilisi is a late-wake-upper. when all other cities turn on their laptops and start meetings, tbilisi just wakes up. by 10 o'clock the ladies start sweeping the welcome signs to their corner shops, drivers open their gates and start the engines, people start walking toward bus stops. you won't see anyone running here, it is practically impossible to find a georgian who is late. because the meeting times are so flexible here. plus minus 20 minutes means nothing. and georgians never eat in the streets. i love eating on my way somewhere, because it often saves me so much time. and when i do so, i can feel people staring at me in a strange way. how can a person run with food in his hands? eating time is so precious here and cannot be rolled over like that. drivers do drive like crazy in tbilisi, but not in a quick-like crazy way - but in a sort of relaxed-like crazy.

the atmosphere of tbilisi is pretty relaxed in general. and probably this is just what i needed after years of living in big crazy cities. people move a lot, live in so many different places and i can say that i have found the place i love living in. though i still have to learn to stop running.

leaving you with my favourite georgian composer - gia kancheli

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Zou Bisou Bisou

i don't know if you remember a song which was very popular last decade. 'i'm a big big girl in a big big world' was heard from every loudspeaker at every party in my school. some years from then i liked a singer who had very beautiful voice and songs - Emilia Mitiku. only some time later i realized that it was her performing that old song at my school parties but just with her first name. she has grown up, added her father's last name to Emilia and began performing some wonderful quality music.

try these songs, maybe you will like them just as i do.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

clear conscience

my friend's words today inspired me to write a post about conscience. some of you who know me, also know that i am quite a religious person. there are many things that a church teaches us but i want write about one of its thoughts about conscience, which i like to interpret in my own way.

we all do different stuff, sometimes good, sometimes bad. sometimes intentionally and very often unintentionally. there are also different kinds of people, those who are more conscious and those who are less. to the first group of people i attribute those who always think they are right. who think that they have 100 per cent truth and who's conscious hurts them little less. those people do things, which they never regret and instead of feeling uncomfortable, their conscious gives them hundred reasons why. why they did so, why it was right and why there was no other way of doing it. the other kind of people are those whom you watch in a movie, who lie about something or do something wrong, but they cannot keep it inside, nor can they justify their acts or words. and you watch them and think 'don't don't say, it won't do any good - the main hero will be upset, they will split up, a tragedy will happen. but those people always say it, and in a moment you know what is best for them - clear conscious. i like this kind of people. because they spend time clearing their heart, spend time judging themselves and feeling sorry. not only in the movies but also in the real life. maybe all of us should spend some time everyday criticizing ourselves, realizing that we are not perfect and doubting our actions and words. it should make us better people in any way.

here is a song that i have been listening to while writing this post  - it gives huge inspiration, hope it also inspires you for something good today

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

my butterfly

this song comes to my mind every time i think about my aka. she is now high up in the sky on her way to new life and new beginnings just like a butterfly, that is why i dedicate my today's post to her

when you start a new life in a different country it is always pretty hard, especially when you are leaving such a huge number of friends, family and people who love you behind. but the thing is that such people as aka are real-life magnets. they attract people around them with the speed of sound, no matter in what city or country they are. and this happens not without a reason.

i have never seen so many great qualities combined in one person in such huge amounts. the thing i love most about aka is that she is true. she is who she is, without playing or pretending. you know when she does something she doesn't mean anything else or think about something different - she does what her heart tells her, says what she feels and acts to her conscious. she is a great friend. i don't even know if she has any limits when something is needed for her friend. absolutely opposite to selfish, she is most giving and caring when it comes to helping a friend. and she is the queen of emotions. a real-life firework and a real-life battery who fires up everything around her.

she knows how much i'm going to miss her, miss talking and laughing with her every day but she also knows how happy i am for her new beginnings, all the success and happiness that are now in front of her

and i'm from my part will be there for her when she needs me


leaving you with chaka khan and my butterfly song

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

bossa disney nova

me and bossa nova are inseparable. and so are all the variations of music in bossa nova. that is why i fell in love with disney songs resung in bossa nova as soon as i heard them for the first time. put on the playlist, will you recognize all those familiar songs in new sounding?

Friday, June 27, 2014

life is long

i like to say that life is short and we should grasp all the possibilities, start doing things now and not wait for time to pass and things to happen themselves. and i believe in this theory and always try to follow it.

but yesterday i heard a good thought which i want to share with you. it was a situation of a man who has suffered a loss and wasn't ready for new acquaintances and new emotions and then a very wise man told him that although we all think that life is very short and we are afraid that we won't have time for important things, we shouldn't be. it is a common mistake of everyone - to always be in a hurry.

it all can be said in one sentence which you see on the picture - some things take time. i tend to agree with that. i agree that a lot of things happen in life. when things don't go the way you want and some difficult stuff happens, i always know that at some moment in life it will go back to normal. the fact is that life is pretty long and if you make a mistake, worry about it and its consequences, the time will go by and you will have a chance to forget it, change things and move on. in this perspective it is good to know that you have plenty of time to do everything right. if something is not coming along right now, it will, once you will be ready and willing. if there are things you want for yourself, they will come to you when you will wait, think and work for it.

i want to share a song with you, which my dear G sent me yesterday and which made my whole day. not even the whole day, but also morning, because it was the first thing i put on in my computer today. i want to share with you its mood, its location, its emotions and love. because if some of you are not in that place right now, i know that time will pass and you definitely will be.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

observation #4 (lost the count): compliments

i had two stories to write about today, and i will start with the first one about compliments.

my colleague entered the room today shining with happy face at 10 am in the morning. and those of you who like to wake up late know how hard is to come to work on wednesdays. the reason behind that smile was a compliment from the lady in the queue of a bank.

and you? think about all those compliments that made you smile and feel so beautiful, wonderful and extraordinary. your husband has noticed how great you look and changed his outfit to fit your style, or maybe a girl in the street has asked you where did you get such cool sunglasses, or a masseur has wondered how great you look despite the fact you have three kids, a taxi driver has asked you if you would like to meet his son/daughter with whom you would make such a beautiful couple, a hairdresser has noticed your great hair quality, or a colleague has complemented you new dress...

in any way, you must agree with me, compliments make us happy. so why not give them to other people as much as we can?

maybe by saying something nice to people, you will touch the thing they are most insecure about and only one or two words will build them up and make them happy..

Friday, May 30, 2014

00's music

at some point in life i stopped watching tv. i'm not sure when it happened, but the last time i had tv on for a long period of time was during my student years, when i used to watch vhi1 and mtv, or to put it right, when used to listen to them.

this evening i turned on tv to find a movie to watch, i was too lazy to look anything up on the internet. and since i couldn't find anything worth stopping at, i reached vh1, which had the top songs of 00's on. i can't express what a great feeling it is to suddenly go back to your student years with lenny kravitz, kylie minogue, wyclef jean and alicia keys..

does anything in this world give you so many different emotions as music?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

ready for happiness

good day my dear readers,

in case you have missed nice good-afternoon tunes, this song below is for you. i have been thinking about one quote that my friend sent to me today

if you think about it, it is so true! there are so many things we reject because we say, we are not ready. not ready for children, not ready for relationship, for moving on, for happiness. you can sit in the same comfort position and be afraid of changes, because, as we all know, changes lead to the breaking of something you are already used to. but until you try new things, you can never judge what is best. the comparison makes it possible to find what is best for you, what you like and love more. so don't be afraid of changes, be ready for them, because once you start something new, you may never want to go back.

and start something new now. don't loose time on weighing possibilities, on writing down pluses and minuses and thinking. be ready for happiness. now.

Soundtrack: Jack Hoban & Wendy Reizer - Moonlight on the Sands

Friday, May 16, 2014

sunday kind of love

my love for etta james is huge. her voice and manner of singing is inexpressible with words. you know, every person has his type of performers, by that i mean those performers, whose songs one can listen to without skipping one or another. those artists, whose cd you buy/download and you love listening to all the songs from the very first interlude to the very last beat. honestly speaking i don't have a lot of such artists. but etta james is definitely on that list. together with barry white, george benson, marvin gaye, remy shand and gladys knight.

'a sunday kind of love' is such a wonderful song, with such great lyrics, that when you listen to it, you immediately forget it's friday morning and you are sitting at work planning this or that. you feel like you are on a pier, sunny sunday afternoon and..

...I do my Sunday dreaming
And all my Sunday scheming
Every minute, every hour, every day..

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

samba de verao

during my student years i had worked as an interpreter on EU-Russian Chamber of Commerce conference. it was a group of 15 of us, who were translating everything during several days. at that conference i got to know a person working in UNECA's Ethiopian office. he was a very interesting person, who had the same passion for brazilian music just as i did. he gave me the cd of BossaCucaNova and told me it was a band by children of those great musicians who invented bossa nova. since then i have learned everything about this band and listened to tones of their music and loved them more and more.

i have noticed that somehow my love for bossa nova keeps on bringing me new friends all the time. be it a colleague from diageo's london office, or a coach from creative workshop in kiev, or a neighbour in the plane to istanbul - once you realize you have a partner in bossa nova love - you immediately know you have a new friend.

so here is the great song 'samba de verao' for you in two versions - first, by caetano veloso, which i have heard many years ago and loved instantly and second, live version by bossacucanova and marcus valle, a perfect version for such a sunny day as today.

funny story about this song is that i adore it so much i know it perfectly by heart, and in queues or any other places where i have to wait, i count the waiting minutes by singing this song, which is 3 minutes strict, it has become such a funny habit, that i don't need alarm clocks anymore.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


god has given me one biological and a bunch of unbiological sisters.

i decided to continue the portraits in my blog and this post is about one sister of mine. she is something in between, because biology has played its role. tata, my cousin is probably what i see when i look in the mirror and vice versa. you know they say that a person has several twins around the world, and i got one living in the same city and same family as me. this inspiration today comes from the puppini sisters and  by dedicating this post to her, these ladies singing is a nice background to write to.

do you have a friend whom you want to call the same second anything happens? this anything can be as huge as getting married and as tiny as a new nailpolish colour. do you have a friend who is such an inevitable part of your life that she takes all your worries closer to heart than you do and shares with you the secretiest of all the secrets? i do have exactly this kind of friend. apart from all those things, the level of her kindness is something out of this world. i know no other person with such a huge amount of people loving her and whom she has given all her heart. sometimes this giving is reaching the highest level of absurdness, but we can always have a laugh about that together. because laugh is the next great thing about my sister. her sincerity, truthfulness, intelligence... all those things and many more to say.

apart from all of that, i have a friend, with whom i share a daughter. elene, being tako's child, is my first child as well. she is the one, with whom i learned to babysit, talk and play. she is my personal daughter and the biggest love of my life. and from her mother i am learning how to be a good mum, because as those of you who have children know, it is quite a hard job to be one.

leaving you with puppini sisters and thoughts about your own biological and unbiological sisters.

moodtrack of the day

this is a soundtrack of the day for you to enjoy on this nice tuesday morning. and so is the moodboard. putting them together - meet the moodtrack of the day and have a great day!

One, for starry nights and
Two, for candle lights and
Three, for long walks in the sun
Four, for all the laughter
Five, for ever after
Six, your smile is just the best.

Love is endless

Seven, you're my goodluck charm
Eight, for your open arms
Nine, for best sunday in the rain.
Ten, couldn't get much better
Eleven, two once put together
Twelve, all the joy and happiness.
Love is endless

Thirteen, I got brand new eyes
Fourteen, everything's a surprise
Fifteen, not a day that I regret,
Love is endless.
Love is endless.
Love is endless. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

let's get away from it all

have you already had that moment this year when you realized the spring has arrived?

that moment for me was on saturday night, when after a corporate party i was heading to the airport to meet b. when frank sinatra began singing let's get away from it all from the loudspeakers, when there were practically no cars and i could drive freely, when the night was so warm that i could put the windows down and enjoy the spring air flying through my hair. suddenly it felt more like spring than walking in the sunniest of days with the sunglasses on.

frank moved to my earphones, when i was sitting in the arrivals hall and looking at the happy faces arriving and meeting each other. i think that no other building, place or venue has so many happy people concentrated on one square meter. airport is probably my most favourite place to sit and watch people hugging, kissing, smiling and being happy.

my traditional 'welcome spring' post finishes like that, leaving you with frank and let's get away from it all

Friday, April 11, 2014


this post is for those of you who like to read my blog because of the music in it. being a huge earth, wind and fire fan, i have absolutely no idea why i haven't heard this song before. maybe their wonderland was always only boogie for me, but this wonderland is absolutely great.

have a good friday my dear readers!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

a kind place to live

tbilisi is a kind place to live.

i parked my car yesterday near a restaurant and in a few minutes i saw a parking checker writing fines for the cars on my line. when i asked her whether it was prohibited to park, she asked me which one my car was. i showed it to her, being sure she would hand me the ticket, but she said she remembered it and wouldn't fine me. and there was my car standing in few hours without any ticket.

people make kind things in tbilisi. when somebody does something nice, it's not because he is male and wants to impress or flirt with you. of course those things happen as well, but generally the rule is that kind actions are done regardless age, sex and status of the person.

i can't count the number of times a taxi driver drove me somewhere without taking the money. or a flowerman giving me flowers in the street, or an absolutely unknown person helping me carry heavy and often even unheavy bags. while driving (and some of you know how horrible the drive in tbilisi is) when i show i need to make a sharp turn or even break the traffic law (which sometimes happens), the cars are always letting through. and if you have a child, the kindness level grows by ten. in tbilisi streets, absolutely unfit for strollers, everyone is ready to help carry it up the stairs, down the slope, across the street.

and you know what? kindness is absolutely contagious. those actions of kindness from people always make you do kind things yourself.

                                                        photo by Nukri Photography

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

make your own happiness

i have been intending to post this image for quite a long time now, first of all because i love the background and most importantly, because i love the message. those of you who know me have this image of me always in a positive mood, but those of you who know me very well, know that i am a little bit of a melancholic type. i love to think a lot about small little things and i like to make some stupid stuff too big and worry about it. and i have a perfectionism syndrome. i imagine things as they should be, have strict vision of everything and when reality doesn't come into synchrone with what i have imagined i get really upset. 

since my blog has long become both my diary and notes for the psychologist, in this post i want to admit my weakness and hope that it will help me fulfill the message on the image above. yes, it is absolutely true. we make our own happiness. 

firstly, nothing is perfect. and we can't make it perfect, because perfect is indefinite itself. something that seems perfect for me is absolutely the opposite to someone else. so the pursuit of perfection is doomed to failure from the beginning. 

secondly, our thoughts are material. we can get so much out of life if we think about it in a positive way. if we direct our thoughts and emotions to things that make us happy. and turn them into real actions.

thirdly, expect less. when you expect sun all the time and a sunny day comes, you take it for granted. but when you know that weather can't give you only sun and there are clouds, snow and rain in it's assortment, the sudden sun is appreciated so much more. 

and finally, grab and be thankful for the opportunities that life gives us. my favourite story is about a drowning man and his prayer to destiny (life, opportunity, god) to save him. when destiny (life, opportunity, god) sent a boat to save him, he rejected it with the words that he didn't need a boat and was waiting for destiny (life, opportunity, god) to save him. he continued praying and boats continued coming. when he rejected them all, he drowned. there is no need to always wait for something to be put on the plate in front of us. let's use our hands, all the boats and all the possibilities and make our own happiness. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

some parent thoughts

i was looking at my son the other day and realized one thing about children that is their biggest advantage over grown-ups. children don't have to do anything because it's inconvenient. if they don't want to listen to somebody they don't have to, if they don't want to smile, they don't need to, if they want to protest to something, that is what they can and do.

on the other hand the best thing to teach a child is to take some things and people into account. i have been looking at my friend these days and the way she talks to her child and i can say for sure, child's feeling of appreciation is the only thing that influences his behaviour. when you ask him to do or not to do something, the reward must not be a new toy, a destination for weekend or other material rewards, but that emotional award -  if your child doesn't want to go to sleep, but he climbs up the bed because it will make mom happy, and if he doesn't want to go to school, but still goes to make dad proud - then you can say that you are teaching your child the right things. you're teaching him to take other people's feelings into consideration, to do things that sometimes they don't want to do in sake of other person's happiness - that is the first step towards becoming a true person. but parents, on the other hand, should do those things mutually. we should also listen, turn off the parent modes sometimes and allow some things that are not allowed.


Monday, March 10, 2014

the first date

on 8th of march we went to the concert of georgian band 33a. this concert was one big reason to write a post or even several posts. this post is inspired by a couple who was sitting on my lefthandside and was absolutely for sure on the first date. by the middle of the concert i wanted to kill them because of their put-on enthusiasm, but then i tried to look at the whole thing from their side and it all began to make sense. 

have you noticed those couples who have just begun dating? how many common things they have? with some differences, they more or less:

are never quite. the silence is something that can be achieved on the next steps of dating. first-daters talk so much, about themselves, about weather, movies and everything that from their point of view will build the image of themselves in the eyes of their date. but the talking is inevitable. what else can you do, when somebody doesn't know you inside out and you can tell him any stories in the world? especially those ones, that make you look good and as a result, feel even better. 

are always laughing. probably everyone, even subconsciously, knows that we all look best when we smile, and that's what we do on dates. we laugh to every joke, to every not-even-a-joke, and we laugh so loud. and are generally very loud. i have noticed that first-daters talk much louder that normal-daters. maybe to impress each other more, i have no answer to that.

are always going into each other's spaces. they suddenly hug, touch hands, stroke shoulders - to show they like each other. and almost always those things are pretty subconscious, the most logical thing to do when you like somebody.

don't care about people around. on the first date, you care only about person you are impressing. and therefore see only him. with laughs, loud talks and smiles. you begin noticing waiters, audience in the theatre, viewers at the cinema, musicians in the restaurant only when you have been dating for some time already. until then, you don't care what other people will think. 

that is why first dates are great. even if some girl is sitting next to you wishing you would EVER stop laughing and let her enjoy the concert.