Friday, March 29, 2013


i got this habit of leaving music several weeks ago. by 'leaving music' i mean that every day when i come home from work i put on some nice music in the car for me to listen in the morning. i turn the ignition off and the song is saved in my ipod for sleepy me sitting in a cold car on my way to work.

you have probably noticed the kind of relationship i have with music. a very special, butterfly-bringing and never ending. sharing with you the soundtrack of today, which was waiting for me in the car and which i can't stop listening to since then.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

the choice

few days ago me and my son were sitting and looking at the covers of different magazines and i decided to test ilia's taste. i put two covers with two different girls in front of him and told him to choose the one he liked.

i won't lie - i definitely prefer miranda kerr to zooey deschanel. but my son picked zooey. and not once. he picked her all ten times i put those two girls side by side hoping he would change his mind.

and that made me realize - despite his young age he already has his own taste. that's good to know :)

here is some nice music for you to enjoy this windy grey morning

Monday, March 18, 2013

the shuffle

when we were little and went to school, we had a game which my classmate veronica has invented. i don't know if she still remembers it, but for some reason i kept playing this game and still have a lot of fun with it. the main idea is the following - you put your player (now ipod) on the shuffle mode, start asking questions and ipod gives all the answers you wanna know.

what will happen to me next month? where will i be in summer? what X thinks about me? and any other question your imagination will come up with.

you won't believe how this game actually works. i would have imagined that all my songs on the playlist are about love and nothing except it would come out. but it turned out that my 4,000+ library has answers to all the questions - some pretty encouraging and some very disappointing.

so next time you're in the car and have nothing to do, try this game - i promise it'll be fun.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

fear of silence

i know the kind of phobia i have. it's the fear of silence. those of you who know me, know how much i love to talk. but this love originates from something that i realize is making me talk all the time - the hate of silence. i feel extremely uncomfortable around people in silence. it makes me begin talking about million different things just for the purpose of breaking it.

i have realized the scale of my silence fear several days ago while on holiday in bakuriani, georgian ski resort. one of the slopes had ski lift which would bring me up the slope i spent most of the days skiing from. in the middle of the ski lift route there was a man sitting on a log watching out for the unfortunate skiers falling off the lift. and so were the two other man - one in the beginning and one in the end. when i started my way up, i used to say something to the first man, then there was this mid-route man and finally i had to come up with something to say to the last guy. within several days i knew everything about them: names, surnames, families, ages, hobbies, their mood, news for the day, plans for the summer etc. but sometimes came the moments when i didn't know what else to say and when those guys were talking on the phone or looking other way, i was so relieved and could finally enjoy the sun and tanning till the end.

so here comes one of my biggest lessons from this situation - those people with whom you are comfortable in silence are the closest people to your heart. in my case especially, because there are so few of them.