Friday, February 7, 2014

Je voudrais du soleil vert

these days i write a lot about music. what can i do? it is for sure, my favourite topic. and today i'm sharing with you probably one of my most favourite french songs. i fell in love with jardin d'hiver when i first listened to henry salvador's album which my mom gave me. it was love at first chord. 

long after i have lost this cd, i was trying to remember the name of the song which i loved so much. then, i heard it somewhere in woman's voice and i wrote down the words, not to lose it again. there are many versions of this song but none of them is as beautiful as the one i'm sharing with you. 

though it sings about winter, its garden and all the beautiful things, i still associate it with summer. for some reason, when i hear it, i imagine summer, the sea, flowers all around the road and myself driving in a car towards cote d'azur. 

probably it is because of the emotions i have with other henry salvador's music. there's another one i love - jazz méditerranée. it has its remixed version too, which sounds even more summery, and brings my mind to the beach in south of france, on striped chaise longues, with lemonades, smiling people, sun and the atmosphere of love in the air. 

enjoy this music just as i do on this winter day with the thoughts about summer.


Thursday, February 6, 2014


last weekend was a very snowy one in georgia. probably for the first time this winter there was actual snow on the streets, which was very beautiful. even more beautiful were the roads outside tbilisi. on friday evening i was driving the car between fir trees covered with snow and a perfect soundtrack began playing in my ipod. it was so perfect for the weather and the view from the window as if somebody has specially chosen it for me to enjoy the road.

it was elvis with his wonderful voice.

i don't listen to elvis often, but there are moments when his music is just perfect. usually those moments are at night. beautiful roads, shimmering lights and airplanes. i love elvis when i'm flying at night and see the lights of the cities beneath me.

sharing with you my favourite songs to listen at the end of the day.