Thursday, September 25, 2014

my bebo. part 2.

one thing i know for sure - is that all the time your grandparents are alive, you are still a child. once they go away, they somehow take your childhood with them. today i am remembering my grandmother, who was the last one of my grandparents to leave me and whom i miss very very much.

apart from the feeling of childhood, there is this huge love you miss. i think that grandmothers can love in an absolutely different way. when parents apart from their love have lots of remarks, bans and rules, there is hardly any 'no' from grandparents. because all they can give you is their huge love, lots of kisses and million hugs.

i realized that i have dedicated a post to my bebo in this blog already, and a small search in posts confirmed it and said it was in 2011. but i decided not to take this new post down. because it comes from my heart and i want my bebo to know how much all of us miss her. though she may not be reading my blog or understanding english, but all those thoughts about her for sure are reaching the heaven, where she absolutely for sure is now.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

birthday girl

it's been a while since i have talked to you about my dear friends. the reason i'm writing this post is that today is the birthday of my soulpart whom i can't congratulate in person, because she is sitting on a conference in svaneti, but whos birthday is a big big day for me for many reasons.

in every persons life there are someones who occupy important parts in his heart, in his brain, in his mind. salome, apart from all that occupies a very important part in my soul. when i talk to her, i always know she will get everything right, understand and feel absolutely the same. i can talk with her for hours on the smallest matters on earth. she may not be the stormiest and loudest person on earth, but she is a calm sea, that gives you strength and huge inspiration.

she is extraordinary, nothing she does or likes is conventional. and she is super talented - she can turn anything into a beautiful and tasteful piece of art. her inner world itself is a piece of art, enormously huge and colourful.

and what is the best, she is the most comfortable person on earth, with whom you constantly feel at home.

happy birthday my soulpart, wish you all the best in your life and may all those kind and wonderful things you do turn and get back to you in twice as much amounts.

this small music video is to create the mood for salome's birthday today, and me wishing to have a few days with her walking around paris just like pink martini does.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

one wave

one wave is the most important thing on this earth. in friendship, in partnership, in marriage - in all the successful relationships. how often do you see a couple and think why on earth can they make one team? they can and they do, if they are on the same wave. probably this is the best theory of all the relationship theories - the one wave theory.

this wave is not universal, and it differs from couple to couple, but one thing is true for all of them - when two people agree on the main things which define their relationship - they are fine. for some people these main things are their understanding of truth, honesty, attention, for others million physical things, attitude towards friends, understanding of fun. as complex or as simple as that.

one wave defines the success of friendship just the same. and it brings such comfort. take time and send an 'i love you' to those people of whom you thought when reading this post. let them know they are on your wave.


Friday, September 12, 2014

begin again

i was thinking about this movie since the moment i saw it first several days ago. i have been thinking a lot about it and planning to write a post/review and even now i am hesitating. i am not sure i can transform my ideas and thoughts about it into a blogpost in the right way. and in a weirdly strange way, i sort of want to keep all my emotions inside and live with the thoughts about this movie for sometime more without taking it all out. but i also want to talk about it. if some of you, my readers, have seen it - i would be happy to talk to you about its music, its ending, the storyline, the main characters.

those of you who have seen it and are not as excited as i am, don't judge me, i am the hugest romantic in this world and get super emotional over movies with beautiful music and a non-banal lovestory.

today i realized that i can call it my favourite movie of this year. mainly because of its music, but also because of many other things. music is for sure on the top of my list. i have amazoned the soundtrack and am in process of waiting to drive, walk, sleep and dream with the background of it. the best part is that its keira knightley and adam levine singing. i was ready to love adam's singing from the beginning, but couldn't even imagine how wonderful keira's voice is. absolutely simple voice, which is magical and beautiful in its simplicity. i have never been a keira fan. but here i even like how she looks. her style and the way she acts - everything makes her character complete and very attractive. and apart from the music and cast, there are those moments, which bring butterflies. that moment when mark ruffalo hears the arrangement behind keira's first appearance on stage. i am not a composer but i also hear those things, even in the street i hear the music of car wheels and bird noises and people's steps. even though i have no musical talent, i realize i am still a part of this huge music love and it makes me feel so good. and just as the main characters, i am a huge believer that you can say a lot about person if you learn what he listens to. that is why i fell in love with bachi in the first place. he even passed my test song - very yes by bootsy collins. when it turned out to be his favourite song as well, that was the moment when i knew it was him.

about the ending i can say only one thing - if it had ended in a different way, i wouldn't be writing this post in the first place. because it was the ending which made it so different and not banal. one thing that is left is to hope that more of such wonderful movies will come out with a higher frequency.

 leaving you with keira and my soundtrack of the month.