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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

about dubai

this february was the first time i visited dubai.
to sum up my emotions from this trip, i would say, dubai is the city of expats and for expats. it's the city for people running away from their countries in winter.  and a city not like any other city in the world. when i usually visit a new place, i can always say, it's is like that other place, but with different... and this time, i have absolutely no place to compare dubai to.

it gives the feeling of huge, but not like new york for example, where all the tall buildings are hugging each other tightly and you can wander among them and stare in the sky, which you sometimes can't even see. talking about wandering.. there is absolutely no wandering possible in dubai. you should take a taxi everywhere you go.

one thing i know for sure: dubai managed to become a place, which has everything you may need to satisfy your inner consumer. if you can pay, you have it all: the highest skydiving possibility, shops with all the brands you have been to in other countries, but with so much more things in them, the best restaurants (dubai is a heaven for the stomach), even the one hanging in the sky; snow, skying and gliding experience in a country with summer all year long; that not to say anything about the sun and 26c in february, which is probably the main great thing about dubai.