Tuesday, February 7, 2012


continuing the subject of georgian art and culture - i am going to show you the video from the recent concert of georgian dance group 'sukhishvili-ramishvili'. this is a modern dance which was created by the grandson of famous dancers. i personally, prefer it better than all the traditional ones.

this show, modern variations of georgian dances, was amazing - i saw them tap dancing, dancing various latin american dances, which was quite a great thing to see. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

agora music

i would like to introduce a band, which i am a huge fan of. for some of you, they don't need introduction, since you've seen them a lot in tbilisi. but those of you, who haven't - this is 'agora'. band, which has an amazing vocalist and plays fantastic covers of the songs we all love.

this is a video, which i took with my blackberry, so the quality is not super great. agora was playing in a small bar for friends only and was improvising all along the way. from the video you will get the idea, why i love them so much.

Friday, February 3, 2012

цифровые стили digital poetry

прочла сегодня на фейсбуке о прогрессивном виде творчества - цифровых стилях (digital poetry) и решила с вами поделиться

прочтите вслух и с выражением:

17 30 48
140 10 01
126 138
140 3 501

2 46 38 1
116 14 20!
15 14 21
14 0 17

14 126 14
132 17 43...
16 42 511
704 83

170! 16 39                                    
Веселые                                  Грустные
514 700 142                                 
2 15 42                                     511 16
612 349                                         42 15                                        5 20 337
17 114 02                                      37 08 5                                     712 19
                                                      20 20 20!                                 2000047

Thursday, February 2, 2012


i have forgotten to post these pictures in autumn. i was planning to write a big post with these pictures, but have never had enough time to sit down and write in a proper way. have waited for this way and finally forgotten.

i will share with you the pictures from my uncle's winery's part that i like most.


Telavi, Georgia, 2011


several days ago i saw a spanish movie 'three steps above heaven', which i really enjoyed. it is not a movie you'd nominate for an award or watch with a boyfriend or a company of friends. it is more of a movie for yourself, especially if you like european teenage movies. i personally adore them. it has a nice story, nice actors, but most importantly, it is filmed in such a nice way, with scenes that touch your heart. and the best thing about this movie is that it's spanish. even in such a romantic movie, you can feel the big difference between european and american cinema for huge benefit of the first one.

my passion for such movies started with two parts of 'la boum' and sophie marceau as a 1980's teenage girl, who falls in and out of love and has lots of fun. i was a teenager when i saw it for the first time and fell in love with its soundtrack and sophie's boyfriends.

so, if you love boum, i'm sure you will love the more adult spanish version of it. and if you haven't seen any of those movies, please do. if not for the sake of romance, then at least for the sake of teenage-feelings again.