Wednesday, October 8, 2014

little tbilisi

i like writing about my city. it inspires me in so many ways. i can wander around it and be fascinated by its little streets, beautiful buildings, old yards, gates and pavements.

one thing that fascinates me is how small tbilisi is. on the one hand for a person who has lived in a huge megalopolis all his life it should be pretty difficult to get used to the scale of one small capital. but the truth is that i absolutely adore it. i adore meeting people in the streets, saying hi to several people while walking down one and the same avenue and all the emotions those hi's bring.

you may argue the comfort of one small city, here the gossips and bad news spread quickly, everyone knows everything, but just as the bad news spread, so do the good news, everyone is there for you and you know you are never alone in anything. the rule of six handshakes turns into two handshakes here. and those handshakes makes life easy and comfortable.

i love my city. it is full of warmth. full of smiles and full of kindness. and if you don't agree, i'm ready to argue with lots and lots of examples.

leaving you with one of my favourite georgians songs, realizing that i am not posting georgian music quite often, which i promise to improve.

Friday, October 3, 2014


have you noticed what a dance does to you? try to remember that feeling you have when you dance. the feeling of freedom and flight. when i dance to the music that i love, i can close my eyes and be the happiest person on earth. in that moment i forget everything.

if you're sad, dance makes you happy, and if you're happy - it makes you three times happier.
i like what baz luhrmann once said - dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but in our own living room. and that is so true - once you feel tired, or sad or melancholic - all you need to do to get better is dance. dance anywhere - in the street, in the office, on the bed. the blood turns into the tunes of a song and dances its way through your body, making you a different person.

my son is a devoted dancer. i think genetics did its thing and every morning he wakes us up with the request to turn on the music and dance. i won't lie - this is how our every day starts. and my mornings have never been better.

this particular song i'm sharing with you is by melody gardot. i have posted her songs not once on my blog, i love her voice and her manner of singing very much. this song is very positive, and its video is worth watching, especially on this grey day, when we lack colours, sun and warmth.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

magic in the moonlight

i love woody allen's latest movies for their beautiful scenes. probably on my list of favourite directors, he is number two after wes anderson. sometimes i see a very big resemblance in movies of those two wonderful directors and one thing they have hundred percent in common for me is that i wait for movies of both of them with huge thrill of joy.

magic in moonlight sounded great from the very beginning and i was anticipating its resemblance with midnight in paris which i loved a lot. the mood was very close indeed. firstly, the entourage and sceneries. secondly the music, as for me woody has fantastic choice of music in his movies. they all take you away from this century and land you in the great era of gold and sparkle. after music comes the humor. i absolutely adore the funny dialogs and settings in 'magic'. one scene changes into another and brings more and more smiles. and oh, the actors. i have always loved colin firth, who for some reason is always a mark darcy for me. and even here i was listening to stanley, but was hearing mark darcy. is it me, or maybe it is colin who is so used to playing mark darcys that he is going deeper and deeper inside this character. and i absolutely loved emma stone. she is so charming and beautiful in this role, that i cannot think of anyone else who would fit sophie just as perfect as emma does.

if you are looking for a nice heart warming movie to get your mind off work and everyday things, magic in the moonlight is a perfect movie to watch and transform into france of 1930's.