Wednesday, April 25, 2012

queen of desserts

you know my passion for desserts. if i could, i would eat only sweets instead of other food. having tasted desserts in almost all the cafes and shops in tbilisi it is time to start dessert-tasting in moscow. especially, as it turned out that my pregnancy gives me great opportunities for that :)

on my first weekend here in moscow, i was meeting my friends at tinatin, where the waiters presented me a meringue with cream and fruits on top as a compliment for my pregnancy :) it tasted great, and i am planning to try baking this once i have my energy back.

the next day, after the dizzy gillespie all star big band concert, me and bachi were walking down the tverskaia street, where i saw Paul, one of my favourite london-time cafes.

i couldn't resist when i saw strawberry tart. and here again, just as i bought my tart, the waitress gave me second one as a present for my expecting state.

so i'm taking back my words about the hospitality, and would like to ensure you, sweets definitely make people working near them sweeter.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

te quiero mucho

leaving you some nice music before going to sleep. please enjoy 2:27 second, which i have been putting on  repeat constantly. i just loooove the way they are singing those 10 seconds. and if i were a boy, i would definitely have a crush on alba molina. and as a girl, i just wish i had such great and sexy voice

'warm welcome'

having lived in moscow almost all my conscious life, i have moved to tbilisi, georgia in 2009 where i have been living since then. apparently, those 3 years of life in tbilisi have changed me in much bigger scale than i could have imagined.

this thought came to me yesterday night, when i was thinking about my arrival back to moscow to stay here for several months till july.

so here is the story of my first day in moscow. having landed in domodedovo airport, i had the best welcome, organized by my friends - with vip lounge, many flowers and great emotions. but later something, i have absolutely become unused to, has made its own very special welcome - the attitude of russian people in stores/transport/streets.

before going home, i stopped for 10 minutes in a supermarket to buy water and some snacks for the morning. first rudeness came from the cheese lady, who didn't want to do her job and cut some cheese, all followed by some very rude words and intonations. the next one was at the queue. being in my 8th month of pregnancy it becomes more and more difficult to stand in huge 20 people lines, so having kindly asked the lady to let me have a quick buy of 3 products, i received an even more rude answer than from the cheese lady. and as a great ending - they wouldn't accept credit cards, because the terminals weren't working. in 21st century (!)

people, what is wrong with you? have you always been so 'friendly', or is it just me who didn't notice it before, since i haven't really seen any other attitude all my life? and please, don't tell me it's because of the hard life. people back in tbilisi are having much harder one i'm sure, but nowhere you can get such replies and emotions.

don't judge my post on being discriminatory, i think of myself as the national of both countries - georgia and russia, and having to deal with such attitude in your home country really leaves me disappointed.

waiting for my favourite class meeting tonight, it sure should give me some great laughs and emotions and erase all the bad ones from yesterday.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

spring walk..

i think that the best thing you can do in spring is walk. the summer heat is not there yet, but the sun is shining and its pretty warm. yesterday we took a long walk on the 'turtle lake' which turned into a walk to my friend's place. finally, i realized my feet were just not able to walk anymore. but what a great feeling it was to see all those people on the streets with ice-creams and chocolates enjoying spring evening just as i did.

the best thing you can do is just get out of your office/home now, and take an hour walk. the sun and fresh air is better than any other mood-uplifter.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a culinary gift

my dear lako sent me this culinary gift from london. see, i'm getting ready for turning my blog into a cooking blog and these are the two small details on my way. the first one is a book of confitures recipes and the second one is a notebook, consisting of 20 blank cards for writing the menu of the day on them.

those can be a nice background to my blog, don't you think?
have a nice sunny day my friends