Thursday, June 2, 2011

strawberry season

When spring is going away and summer is coming, the season of sweet-lovers starts. The dessert season begins with strawberries. This week I have eaten lots of different strawberry desserts - strawberry cream by my cousin, strawberry cake by my colleague and even strawberry (!) tiramisu by one of my friends. Yesterday it was time to do some strawberry-cooking myself.

So according to the recipe of my dearest friend Khato, I made 'Chinese Cake'. I have no idea why it is called Chinese, and I guess my friends from China don't have it as their national cake, but, here in Georgia it is this season's favourite. Cream, strawberries, walnuts, cookies - and here it is, a fantastic summer cake.


  1. zalian momwons rogoc wer:) namcxvarze gadavirie, magaria:)

  2. napishi nam recept pozaluysta :)