Tuesday, November 29, 2011

60 seconds of happiness

i haven't been quite a poster this month: with many 'not very positive' things going on i was not sure i was able to write very positive posts. and if i would express all the feelings in here my blog would turn into a whining blog :)

but i think there are such periods, which should pass by and with the help of nice people, good friends, positive emotions those periods are easier to overcome.

in the end,  for every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness. so everyone, get out of the bad mood. q u i c k !

Friday, November 25, 2011

dead poets society

for some reason i have never seen this movie from beginning till the end. i have scene episodes, actors, but not the whole thing. until today.

now i am ready to share with you my emotions on it. this film is an absolute must-see for all the parents, all the teachers and all the students. it shows you how a wrong attitude towards children can spoil everything and proves that a talent should never be lost. we only live once and i truly believe we deserve to do what we want. very often we don't have a person to guide us through our life, to help us understand it and understand ourselves. hold on to such people if you have them, hold on to such experiences and seize the day.

that is the best lesson from this movie - life is truly worth living in full.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

snow makes you feel happy

millions and zillions of things make personally me happy. today one small thing made my whole day - snow. for those of you living in moscow it isn't something so wonderful and extraordinary. neither was for me when i lived in moscow: yes, the snow was there from september till may.

but in tbilisi there is no snow; even on new years. for me a new year isn't a real new year until i see snowflakes falling down. so probably this evening was more a new year for me than 31st of december last year and the year before.

i went out of the tbilisi fashion week, heading towards my home and just stopped. the snowflakes were everywhere. yes, i stopped and did what i always did in moscow - looked up in the sky, opened my mouth and started eating falling snowflakes.

positive post

here are some positive pictures for you to bright up your day!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

cake boss sali mokia

i have a great friend - sali mokia, who has thousands of talents - she is nice, sweet, very very beautiful, she drives the car like alonso, dances georgian dances like sukhishvili... but there is one talent of her which we didn't know before - she bakes like a real cake boss!

last sunday i had a great chance to enjoy her desserts, which she has been baking the whole day for us - apple pie (my favourite), tartlet with meringue and cornel, and chocolate pudding with cream.

below is the picture of what i took with me home for bachi to taste. i should say he is a big food critic - and he just couldn't stop eating - they were all so delicious.


Monday, November 21, 2011

somebody already broke my heart

bachi once told me that sade's songs are probably the most and only romantic songs for him and showed me the live performance of this very song. i loved it, especially the moment when the drop falls down and so does the sound of guitar.

sade's music is definitely the synonym for romance, just like barry white's. and i would really like to go and listen to her live on one of our anniversaries - that would be a true romance.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

embarrassing song

the picture above says: 'probably everyone has several songs on his player that he is ashamed of'.
my friends sent us the picture in our private chat group on facebook and we began remembering those songs. it was very funny and so true!

i am sharing with you my embarrassing song, which i love to hear, when it suddenly pops up in my iPod :) and what are YOUR ipod's embarrassing songs?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

apple miracle

until my blog has finally become a christmas blog, i will turn to the cooking part of it. this apple pie below my mum has baked for me in the morning and sent to my work. once i brought it to my room the smell of apple, cinnamon and bake was spread all over the office. it arrived warm and so light that i honestly think its clouds there instead of dough.

anyone nearby wishing to taste it are most welcome at 25 chavchavadze st, borjomi office ;)

то, что дает надежду

это не я писала, но прочла сегодня у кого-то и захотелось поделиться с вами, так как очень тронуло мое сердце. я за надежду - всегда.
21 год назад беременная женщина Карла пошла к доктору, который сказал ей, что у нее родится умственно отсталый ребенок, вероятно с Синдромом Дауна. Этот доктор убедительно просил ее сделать аборт, но она отказалась. В августе мне будет 21, и я идеально нормальный.Моя мама всегда дает мне надежду.

Мой дедушка был в больнице, и ему оставалось жить 12-14 часов. Все приходили для того, чтобы попрощаться с ним, зная, что он все равно не может ответить.Я зашла в палату, когда пришла моя очередь. Я его единственная внучка. Когда он услышал меня, он открыл глаза, улыбнулся и сказал мое имя.Он прожил еще два месяца.Вот что дает мне надежду.

4 месяца назад у меня диагностировали облысение. Через месяц я потеряла все волосы. Мне было страшно идти в школу, потому что я думала, что все будут пялиться на меня. На следующее утро я услышала стук в дверь, и десять моих друзей стояли на крыльце с полностью побритыми головами.Двое из них были девочками. Они мои лучшие друзья навсегда!Вот что дает мне надежду.

Сегодня утром я узнала, кто косил мой газон каждую неделю после того, как умер мой муж. Это была моя 12-летняя соседка Офелия. Ее семья сейчас также страдает из-за финансовых проблем. Она делала это каждую неделю, по собственному желанию, без каких-либо просьб.Ее доброта дает мне надежду.

Сегодня в переполненный автобус зашла пожилая женщина с очень большими и тяжелыми сумками. Не было ни одного свободного места, но маленькая 4-летняя девочка встала и уступила ей место. Доброта, неподвластная возрасту, дает мне надежду.

Парень, которого я знала в школе, всегда приносил две дюжины роз на День Святого Валентина. Он давал по одной розе каждой девушки, у которой, как он наверняка знал, не было своего Валентина. Он знал, что каждая девушка должна почувствовать себя особенной. Я была одной из этих девушек. Мы женаты уже 3 года.Он дает мне надежду.

Я поехал в Африку для того, чтобы построить школу Опры и увидел мальчика, сидящего в одиночку. Я подошел и дал ему половину своего бутерброда, и он убежал. Тайно следуя за ним, я встал за угол и увидел, как он разламывал его намаленькие кусочки и делился им со своим классом, состоящим из 20 детей.Вот что дает мне надежду.

Я ехал в автобусе, когда бездомный сел на сиденье возле меня. Он увидел, что я смотрю на букет цветов, которые он держит, и сказал, что это для его жены, потому что у нее сегодня день рождение. Когда он сошел с автобуса, он пошел на кладбище и положил цветы на могилу своей жены.Любовь, которая никогда не умирает, дает мне надежду.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

christmas blog

i think my blog will turn into a christmas blog over the next two months :) sharing with you two christmas tree ornaments i bought today. first one is me on the skates, and the second one - me and bachi sitting on a tree :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

shopping for christmas

today i began online shopping for christmas. i know it may be too early, but it will be so hard to get all the orders on time in december. so to be on the safe side (as the official version) and to make my mood even greater (the real version) i ordered some 10 or 15 presents today.

of course, i won't tell you now what i actually did order, because i believe bachi, my sister and my parents are reading my blog, but i will tell you what i bought for myself - my blog printed in a book. yes, it has turned out that i have written blog posts that totalled to 102 pages in a hardcover book.

i will receive it in the beginning of december and can't wait to share it with you.

have a great christmas shopping!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

to paint is to love

... words of Séraphine Louis - painter from Senlis, who has learned to paint by herself, and was so poor that couldn't afford canvas to write her paintings on it. nor could she afford colours - so she created them herself: from mud, animal blood, wax from candles in the church... i didn't know anything about her before i saw move 'Séraphine' yesterday. i have never been a big fan of naive painting, but the story of her life shocked me.

person, who has no education, no money, no time for anything: because she serves in several houses, cleans, washes, cleans, washes; who lives in a small room and has no money to pay rent for, who almost doesn't eat, because few su that she earns she spends on white paint and lacquer - that is the real artist, i should say.

if you haven't seen this movie, my big recommendation for you is to watch it, not just to enjoy the story, but to learn about one great talented person, because, it is sad that so many of them are left unacknowledged.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

weekend of eating

can't boast with the great quality of photos from last weekend, when my dear friends from moscow were visiting me. honestly speaking, there was absolutely no time for photography - too many things to eat and to drink.
yes, one day we dedicated to sight-seeing and museums, thanks to one member of our group - katya - who was for intellectual enrichment, while others - including me - were for eating, having fun and eating, which we did all those days left.

thank you my dear friends for this fantastic weekend: i have missed you so so much!


Monday, November 7, 2011


i always have something to write in my blog, but these days i have been suffering inspiration-loss. have anyone of you seen my muse? i think she left me for warm countries - the weather in tbilisi is something i would escape with great joy too.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


i have found a dvd with my old videos, which i made many years ago. first videos go back to my 3rd grade and show different countries, occasions and years since then: my trips, parties with friends, some more trips and  parties with friends. i was so excited that i immediately transferred them to my computer. i shared some of them on facebook for my friends who are part of those videos to enjoy.

here i will share with you our celebration of 2000 year - the millenium in Paris. i look horrible - just like a 13-year-old should probably look, so i cropped myself out as much as i could.

it is really worth keeping all the old memories and photos and videos from the childhood, it helps you to remember things, because without them everything is forgotten. a good proof to that is that last january me and bachi visited the same hotel where this video is taken and where we stayed in 2000, but i just realized it only now, after watching the video.