Monday, July 30, 2012

girls like bad boys

yesterday i witnessed a scene, which i want to share with you. since i myself had a child, all those scenes and stories about children began to interest me more and more.

after the morning mess in the church yard dozens of children were playing, running and crying. a small group of children took my attention. boys were fooling around and began poking each other. suddenly one of the boys poked a little girl. but he didn't know that this girl had a great defender. this little boy with eyeglasses on the photo covered the girl with his body and began defending her from the pokes. when he realized that he had too many competitors, he called his older brother, took his hand and showed his brother's muscles - proving that boys would have great problems if they didn't stop.

and you know the funny thing about this story? the girl didn't want to be defended, in the end she hit the boy with eyeglasses saying to leave her alone. the morale is all the same - in all ages, situations and stories girls really do like bad boys.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


i want you to meet mariam - the best proof of the fact that georgia's new generation is supercool. she wears her mother's vintage dresses, takes amazing pictures with her film camera, listens to bob dylan, rides old bike with basket full of flowers, walks with balloons in the streets, loves her friends, meeting new people - new interesting people-, reading great books, eating in nice cafes, travelling and most importantly - dreaming. dreaming about her future with lots of new cities, emotions and people in it. and it's not just dreaming - it's planning, because she definitely knows where she wants to be and what she wants to do. 

and oh! she is super caring. she is full of surprises and ideas on how to make people happy. and i am one of the examples of that.

what else does she need to be a dreamgirl?

Friday, July 20, 2012

without title

these days i have been receiving some bad emotions from people who shouldn't be giving them to me. but you know what lesson i learned? there are different kinds of people in this world and it's foolish to expect kindness and politeness from everyone. even from those to whom you have always been kind and polite.

having said that i want to share a very nice song with you, which keeps me smiling these hard days. and its lyrics have nothing to do with my emotions. because i really believe that love is the only thing that can save us and that it is really cool to fall in love.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

arranging future

bachi's sister told me the other day that according to some old georgian tradition, when you cut the nails of a newborn for the first time, you should save them. then those nails should be put in such places, where you want your child to be or what you want your child to like in future. you can leave them between the pages of books, in a piano, on a tennis court ..

i don't have all the nails, but i managed to keep three of them safe, so the choice now is which three things i want my son to like in future. music he likes already, the love for books is a good thing to arrange now, since reading is not something boys adore, maybe this method will help. but one thing i know for sure - i want my child to study in the same university where i spent the greatest years of my student life.

so today, before finally leaving for georgia, i took a ride to my alma mater - mgimo - in order to leave a fingernail there. they wouldn't let me inside the lecture halls, but i managed to fulfill my mission in the entrance.

let's see how it works, i will check in some 20 years :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

ჩემი მამაჩემი

მინდა მოგიყვეთ მამაჩემზე. ამ პოსტს დავწერ ქართულად, რადგან მინდა რომ მამამ წაიკითხოს: ხშირად არ შემიძლია სიტყვებით გამოვხატო ის, რისი დაწერაც უკეთესად გამომდის. დავწერ ქართულად, რა თქმა უნდა,  ბევრი შეცდომებით, მაგრამ ძალიან გულიდან.

ვინც არ იცნობთ მამაჩემს, ძალიან ბევრი რამე გაქვთ დაკარგული. იმიტომ რომ ასეთი ადამიანი მეორე არ დადის ამ ქვეყანაზე. და ასეთი მამა უნდა ინატროს ყველამ. მამა, რომელიც მთელი თავის ცხოვრება იმისთვის ცხოვრობს, რომ მე და ანი ვიყოთ კარგად, რომ არავინ არ გაგვაბრაზოს, არ გვაწყენინოს, ყველაფერი გვქონდეს, თუნდაც ამისთვის თვითონ მოიკლოს ყველაფერი.

ყველაზე მაგარი რამ არის ის, რომ მამა ზუსტად ხვდება ყოველთვის ყველაფერს, ყოველთვის იცის რა უნდა გითხრას, როგორ უნდა დაგაწყნაროს და დაგიდგეს გვერდში, ზუსტად ისე აგიხსნის ყველაფერს, რომ ის რაზეც ნერვები გეშლებოდა ორ წამში სიცილს იწვევს.

ისეთი მამა მყავს, რომ სულ ყოველთვის მეამაყება - ერთი სული მაქვს ხოლმე როდის გავაცნობ ყველას - რომ იცოდნენ როგორი მაგარი მამა მყავს. ყველა ასაკის ადამიანთან რომ შეუძლია მეგობრობა და დროსტარება.

ყველაზე ძალიან მიხარია, რომ ჩემ პატარა ილუშკას ესეთი მაგარია ბაბუა ჰყავს - რეებს ასწავლის და როგორ გაზრდის! 


Monday, July 2, 2012

big thursday

i can't wait for this thursday to come. big premieres are coming to moscow. and two of them i have been waiting to see for quite a long time now.

first one is the second part of 'tres metros sobre il cielo' - tengo ganas de ti. this is the movie i have written about before in my blog. a mix of youth, love, emotions and beautiful spaniards has a continuation now, which i hope will be as great as its first part.

the second one is 'to rome with love' by woody allen. i haven't read any reviews about it, want to review this film myself after seeing it, so the only hope i have for it is to be at least as good as 'midnight in paris'. and i really feel it won't disappoint me, the first good sign being my favourite penelope cruz starring in it.

will post my emotions immediately by the end of this week

genetic love for music

the love for music is a truly genetic thing and my child is a living proof of this fact. during all nine months we have been listening to great music together - jazz, soul, funk, the latter being his favourite genre. when there was a need of checking how active the baby is and a special gadget was counting the kicks of the child, the only thing that worked for my baby was music. moreover, it was impossible for me to attend any kind of concert. i gave up on the dizzy gillespie all star big band concert, which i attended in moscow. the sound of piano, sax, trumpet and all other kinds of musical instruments drove my ilia crazy - he was dancing non-stop for two hours.

and now, being only 2 weeks old, his love for music is only growing. the only thing that stops him from crying except food is music. and he prefers live performances of course. his number one choice is my mom, who has great voice and of course, bachi, who can imitate all kinds of musical instruments. then comes ani, my dad and i am the last on the list. ilia already can distinguish between good and bad sound quality.

i am really curious about his future choice of profession, who knows what a great musician he will become.