Wednesday, January 29, 2014


i have always loved grammys. i used to stay late and watch all the nominations, all the performances and adored all of them. few years i have been skipping it, and all the awards, because i got bored. i didn't like the songs, the lives and the winners. this year was a total surprise. though i just watched the videos on youtube, i loved all of them. all the performances were great and the thing i loved was that they all were so different from the album versions, they were performed together with some of the greatest artists and were unique. i love when songs are created, remixed and re-sung specially for one occasion and when they sound different with new fresh beats.

i don't know if i managed to deliver my emotions with this post but i'll share some of the best performances here. you might and probably have seen them already, but that's what i usually do. i collect songs in my blog, so that i don't need to search for the right music for my day, i simply get back to my posts and listen. maybe that will work for you too.

have a great day my dear readers.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

the baggage

my dear readers, 

do you watch 'how i met your mother'? it's probably the only series i can watch after friends that gives me so many great feelings. but apart from smiles and jokes, it has so many wise thoughts in it. sharing with you one, which i have drafted some time ago and never published.

it's about baggage in life and the realization that none of us comes without baggage. all the years we live leave some traces in our character, in our behavior and in our feelings. the problem is that not everyone can accept us with all our suitcases. and it needs big courage to open up to a new person without fear and it is even harder to accept the luggage of that other person entering your life. but once the baggage is shared, it becomes so much easier. just like ted said:

And just like that kids my baggage didn’t seem quite so heavy anymore. You see everyone’s got some baggage. It’s part of life. But like anything else, it’s easier when someone gives you a hand in that. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

from the other side

once a very wise woman sitting in front of me wrote number '9' on a piece of paper lying on the table. she asked me what number it was. i could see it was a clear nine. but then i stood up and saw the same number from her side - yes, it was a '6' as you may have guessed. 

this small exercise made me realize quiet a big thing. one and the same question may have two right answers. one and the same situation may have absolutely opposite views on it, and in a way, both correct. 

but it is so hard to apply this experience to other life situations. it is so hard to look at the problem with the eyes of another person. to be objective, drama-less and calm-hearted. the one thing i have learned is that we don't see things as they are, we see them as we are -  just like another wise woman has said. 

dedicating this post to my friend, it may apply to some of you, who in hard times of arguments may remember what i have written here and stand up, cross the line and look at the number on the table from the other side. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

no more rain in this cloud

i love gladys knight. her music is so calming and her voice is so sweet. i have been to her concert in london several years ago and i was probably the youngest person sitting in o2 arena, except for lako and ani who were sitting by my side. her music is old style but still timeless.

perhaps that is why all her songs have been remixed, used as base for new songs and sung with new lyrics. sharing with you gladys's 'neither one of us' and angie stone's new version of it with amazing lyrics - no more rain in this cloud:

                                             "No More Rain (In This Cloud)"

No more rain in this cloud
No more rain in this cloud

[1] - My sunshine has come
And I'm all cried out
And there's no more rain in this cloud

My sunshine has come
And I'm all cried out
And there's no more rain in this cloud

There's no hiding place
When someone has hurt you
It's written on your face, and it reads
"Broken spirit, lost and confused"
"Empty, scared, used and abused, a fool"
Oh, ain't it funny that the way you feel
Shows on your face
(It's written all over your face, yeah)
And the smile you used to wear
Seems a little bit out of place
(Tracks of your tears)
People oh, hold on
In time it gets a little better, whoa

So you want to live and to you I shall give
All the space that you requested
Hope you don't live to regret it

So you say you're in your prime
Baby, don't waste your time
Remember my love, it's only a thin line
(It's never too late)

Spring has come and winter's gone, my love
But don't look around for me, child
I'll be gone (I'll be gone, gone, gone, gone)
Not afraid because the seasons have changed
I'm gonna count my blessing then just follow the sun
Cuz you see

Now, I wanna take a minute to kick it like this
Y'all wit' me? Y'all know what I'm talkin' about?
You know what to do
There's no hiding place
When you're hurting
No, no, no

Baby, don't want teardrops
Drying up on my pillow
(I used to think the world of you)
Only room for raindrops
Don't belong on my smile
And there's no rain in this cloud
(There's, there's nothing I would not do)

Baby, don't want teardrops
Drying up on my pillow
(You broke me down)
Only room for raindrops
Don't belong on my smile
(You broke me way down)
And there's no more rain in this cloud
(You you you, baby broke me down)

What goes around, comes around
What goes up, must come down
Things you do, come back to you
Y'all believe that?
Goes around, comes around
What goes up, must come down

Thursday, January 9, 2014

bread spirit of georgia

all of the cities i have been to have their own traditions and habits. they all have various associations for me. london has chocolate crepes sold in the streets, paris has chestnuts on the fire, vienna has semels.. and tbilisi has tonis puri.

before new year i happened to drive a lot around the city in the passenger seat. so i had a lot of time to look around and watch people and streets. one in two men were walking down the street, crossing the roads or standing with georgian bread in their hands. sorry, breadS. on the new years in tbilisi there are huge lines to buy fresh bread for the home dinner. all around the year you can see people walking and taking bites from the bread. i remember my sufferings as a child when we had to wait till dinner and were not allowed to eat bread on our way home with dirty hands. and i also remember that nowhere except georgia did i have fresh bread for every meal.

and you know what? i love this bread spirit around the city.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


there is an old soviet movie called '3+2'. it is a story about 5 young people starring one of the best russian actors. the story takes place in summer and is full of sweet summer moments. the funny thing is that i have never watched it in summer. this is the movie which i used to watch on 31st of december instead of 'ironia sudbi' and all other traditional new year shows.

31st has always been my favourite day. we had no school, we would wake up with a pin in the heart that something great would happen soon. mom used to cook new year's dinner all day and me and ani used to sit on the carpet near our two-stored bed and watch 3+2 in a small kitchen tv, which was delegated to our room, because there was no space for it in the kitchen: the food occupied it all.

this summer movie has such a great new year atmosphere for me, that if suddenly it appears on tv any other time of the year, i immediately have this dejavu - with ani, in our room and filled with the smells of the new year.