Thursday, July 25, 2013

thank you

i have been writing a book from some time now. about music and my personal memories connected to different songs and melodies. as you may have noticed i am a huge nostalgic. but i'm also a great believer of memories. and that things happen for some reason. some things happen for you to remember, some things happen for you to learn a lesson and never repeat, but some happen just to bring smile to your face.

i want to thank all those people, memories about whom will bring smile to my face anytime i remember them. some of those people i may not see again in my life or those moments may never repeat, but what i know for sure is that when i'll pass familiar places, or hear familiar music the smile will come to my face and those memories will make me happy.

i saw a movie the other day where the main heroes were talking about the future and that when we are young we think that there are so many things ahead us, and we believe that we have so much time left and we never hurry. but in reality, there are not as many opportunities in life. so if life gives us one, we should grab it.

let's start living fully and let's be happy and gather the moments for us to remember when we are older and nostalgier :)