Thursday, November 27, 2014

წარსულმა სულ თან წაიღო

the more i grow up the more i fall in love with georgian music. my childhood was not full of it and the better it is now to fill my life with georgian tunes day by day.

i get huge pleasure listening to georgian polyphony and the list of my favourite georgian songs is rising and rising. i have never been able to sing. they say 3 out of 4 georgians can sing. i attribute myself to that one, multiplied by 100. but this cannot keep me from enjoying and singing these songs to myself.

sharing with you one of my favourite songs written by Jansug Kakhidze - genius, whose songs bring me the most goosebumps. here performed not by him, but in style which i love most. have a good warm day despite the weather outside the window.

Friday, November 14, 2014

good talk

i love conversations.

they are my motivators. my favourite moments are connected with good talk, warm atmosphere and sharing. how great it is to talk to with a person whom you can tell all the stuff that interests you and hear his/her point of view. and how great it is when those views are close to each other. i am not an argument type of person. some people love dialogues which inevitably turn into arguments and proving opposite things to each other. i love when people have lots and lots of things in common. i love when one starts saying a word and the other one finishes. i love when you feel like listening and i love how the time flies by in that moments.

how rare it is to find people whom you like talking with. once you do, make sure to stick to them and don't let go.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

what new music does to you

these days i think not many people are left who still order or buy cd's, instead of downloading them from itunes or elsewhere. i can say i am one of those people, who still loves to collect those cd's, put nice boxes on the shelves and listen to music from beautiful printed discs.

i hate traffic jams, i used to stand in them a lot when i lived in moscow. of course the time spent in traffic jams in moscow and tbilisi is different, but i can say tbilisi makes you quite nervous in that sense as well. not that much because of the amount of cars (which is incomparable to moscow) but because of the georgian manner of driving, which is something that i can't bare. but these traffic jams become so much nicer, when i have a new cd to listen to. i even wish that a traffic jam was everywhere on the way to my home, when a cd has such wonderful music, as in the one i'm sharing with you now.

the soundtrack of 'woman on top' is just what i like - bossa nova in its best performance. there is one more thing i am realizing these days, i have listened to so many brazilian songs, that i can fluently understand portuguese, the only thing left is my visit to rio.

georgian spirit

i like being georgian. it gives me so much pride and happiness to be born here and to live here. when you are georgian you are a part of something big, which has no boarders and limits. having lived in different countries and having returned back to georgia, it makes me look at many things here with the eyes of a tourist. but this feeling of tourist is bonused with the feeling of belonging. when you feel you are a part of something that you still are fanatic about from aside.

i like the feeling of meeting georgians in other countries. you meet an absolutely unknown person who automatically is very close to you only because he is the same nation as you. when i am abroad and hear georgian language, i can never help myself from going and saying something to those talking. and as a result i always hear lots of greetings, happiness and emotions from the other side. how many times have i had dinner with people who i just met in the morning just on the basis of georgianness. how many people have helped me, directed me and encouraged me when i was abroad only because i am from tbilisi.

and that is why i am a georgian fan. one of many many reasons, which i feel every day.
good morning my dear readers!