Tuesday, October 30, 2012


why is everybody so afraid of changes? i absolutely have no idea for that. i personally love them.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

lullaby music

me and my son are music fans. crazy music fans. we've been listening to music non stop since we were both born. and music is the only thing that makes us happy when we are crying, and which makes us calm down when we are worried.

iluka has his own favourites, of course, like we all do. his personal favourite is barry white and he just adores funk. some of the artists he is not yet familiar with, because they are hard to listen to. the main reason for that is that iluka is only 4 months old. but the solution came to us itself. ilu will be listening to all great rock bands, but in a lullaby rendition. we discovered rockabye baby cd's, which are on their way to tbilisi. from now on beatles, bob marley, u2, coldplay, madonna, eagles and many others will be singing to iluka in a sweet, lullaby voice.


observation #2. books and reading

i get so much inspiration from the everyday scenes that i observe in the streets. i can issue a huge book of all my various observations and thoughts that i get from them.

this time, my observation is the following - the richest people are those not with the biggest houses but those with the biggest libraries. today, it rained in tbilisi. i went out for the lunch and this is what i saw - a lady, with bags covered for them not to get wet, was sitting with an umbrella, reading a book with such interest, that i am absolutely sure she didn't, even for a second, care about the rain, cold, uncomfortable seat, things to do and problems she had. she was just sitting there, enjoying something she was reading so much: probably in her thoughts she was on another continent, on a ball in 17th century, in a forest running, in cuba dancing, on a meeting talking, writing a love letter, receiving a love letter, happy, worried and in anticipation of what happens next.

books give us everything. they open all the boarders, all the windows and make us think about things we have never thought before. you know what my biggest dream is? one day to be able to write something worth reading with such interest as this lady in the street was having.

Monday, October 22, 2012

love sundays

yesterday was a wonderful day. you know, one of those sunny sundays when you are out of the house the whole day. and i'm so glad my son is growing the same type of person that i am. the type that never sits home and loves communication.

we went for a walk in mtskheta, georgia's old capital, and then we had lunch in a restaurant over the river. the weather was just perfect, it was sunny and full of people having walks and lunches and picnics all around us. and there were so many weddings! one of them even took place in the banquet hall of the restaurant we were having lunch in. a child was a great excuse for walking around, so i saw everything - the bride, tables, cakes, guests, musicians :) when we asked for dessert, the waitress told us she would bring us the cake from the wedding if we wished. only then i realized why on my wedding half of the guests didn't get to taste the cake - cakes tend to disappear mysteriously. having refused the waitress, we went for a dessert to my cousins place, where we ate my favourite tatara - georgian dessert made from grape juice - sort of grape pudding. and the best ending of the day was at my place with my dearest friends over drinking my uncle's tasty wine and remembering funny university stories.

i love sundays. those are the best days of the week.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


i want this post to be the happiest and warmest of all the posts i have written before. you can scroll down and see the reason for that or you can first read the post and then have a look at something that makes me so happy and warm.

on 13th of october my son turned 4 months. i was thinking about a present for him, which would be the first present i gave him and which he would keep forever. about my huge love for art you already know, but i haven't told you anything about my huge love for an amazing artist, nino chakvetadze yet.

i first saw her paintings when i was pregnant. looking through her albums on facebook, i promised myself to get my child one of them once i am back in georgia. then lots of things happened in my life and i was totally busy dealing with them. though i never forgot about my promise.

so the other day i called nino and asked if she could draw a special painting for my special son. and some time later (yesterday) she called me back saying it was ready. i couldn't wait till i got home finally and walked down to nino's house which is very close to mine. and when i entered her house with wonderful paintings on the walls and when she showed me ilu's painting my heart filled with such warmth, i am not sure i will ever be able to express it with words.

when i walked back home holding the painting, everyone was looking at it (or maybe me, who was sooo happy to hold it). i hung 'carnival' on the wall in front of my son's bed and imagined that when he grows up he will give names to all of the characters on it, but one thing i know for sure - iluka is that little boy on the right with sombrero.

Monday, October 15, 2012


my dear friends,

fashion is not quite the subject of my blog, but i cannot resist sharing a wonderful website with you. www.fromge.com. this is a unique website featuring and selling georgian designers' clothes with delivery all over the world.

this personally makes me so proud because i really adore those wonderful dresses and beautiful shoes, skirts and tops. not to say anything about the fact that i personally know the designers and models displaying their great pieces.

and oh! all the orders made till 24th of october have a free delivery!!

Friday, October 12, 2012


yesterday my friend literally forced me to join her on her r'n'b dancing glass. and i'm so glad she did, because it was a huge pleasure to dance.

i should tell you that dancing is probably second best thing i love (after my son). and being restricted to dancing only in clubs is so awful. you remember that video by faithless with the girl dancing all over? i loved this video because i get her so well. of course i don't dance in the streets like she does, but i do dance in the car, at home, in the kitchen, with karaoke, without karaoke :) this all led to my huge happiness when yesterday i realized i will have a great chance to dance after work several times per week.

and i think r'n'b is so cool for the start.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

the secret

the other day when i called my cousin she was watching a documentary called 'the secret'. she told me it was worth seeing and that i should definitely see it myself. i downloaded it and watched first 12 minutes of the movie. then i stopped, and maybe i will continue watching it later, right now i don't really feel like it. but the main message gave me things to think about. it says that power of attraction makes all our thoughts come true and that we attract those things that are in our head.

but when we think about something we should always think positive. because according to this theory, the thoughts are materialized, no matter if we want them or not. so if we don't want something to happen the universe gets only the message of our thought, not our attitude towards it - and it will happen for sure, just in some period of time.

honestly speaking, this theory frightened me a lot. not that i am always thinking about bad things, no. i consider myself to be pretty optimistic. but in life you always have moments when you think about negative things and oh, i don't want them to come true!

have anyone of you practiced this theory?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

rain in tbilisi

today is rainy in tbilisi.

it is one of those days when you don't want to go out, you want to stay at home with nice music and a blanket. and a day when you still have to go to work and you force yourself to stand up, get dressed, grab a tea and umbrella, put yourself in a car and start the engine and music.

and suddenly curtis mayfield goes 'other guys try to hold her hand, other guys want a one night stand, they all stare when she's around, i'm so proud how she puts them down'. and you drive your car on a wet highway and see a funny guy with a dog doing his early morning jog without being interrupted by the rain, then a woman with her son running without umbrella to the schooldoors, a parking man with a bag on his head helping a car to park and a couple of students hugging and kissing under the rain... and curtis goes on 'she don't let nobody, she don't let nobody, nobody but me'.

Monday, October 8, 2012

observation #1. kindness and care

i like to notice different things when i walk in the streets. i have a big collection of things that i have realized about people while watching them act in different types of situations. some of them make me smile, some make me sad, some happy and some proud. i will be writing down all my findings and share them with you.

today i will start with my observation which makes me proud. and this observation proves the fact that people are kind and caring. even regarding those people, who they don't even know.

when i lock my car, its headlights keep shining for some time. i guess it is designed so in order for the car to light your way till you get to the destination, and then they switch off.

but you know every time i park my car, there has never ever been a day, when somebody hasn't noticed that i forgot to switch off my headlights. be it an old man, young lady, children, policeman, cleaner, students, a common passer-by. yesterday, on my way from the car to my house's front door i was caught up by two boys who have been running after me just to say that the headlights were still on. i found this fact so sweet, the fact that people care about you, even if they don't know. and those pleasant things work like a circle. next time i will want to care about other people, whom i don't even know and the kindness and care will go on and on an on.

Friday, October 5, 2012


there are people who are as cozy as a home. you hug them and realize that you are at home. to such category of people in my life i want to add four friends of my childhood. one of them, katya, is my first classmate and our friendship will reach twenty years in 2013. my friendship with yakki and zi is one year younger and my friendship with elya is 15 years old, which honestly is a lifetime to me.

the most amazing fact about our friendship is that we are each others reflection. no matter the years, different universities, different countries we live in, we are still those 5 friends who listened to east 17's 'thunder', danced to spice girls, read catcher in the rye and played twister on the picnic in kolomenskoe. who dreamt that in future we would be great businesswomen (at the age of 20, which seemed very old to us), who had a pact 'of never liking boys of each other', which meant the boys that one of us liked, who sent valentine cards to and stole the notebooks of older boys, who hang on telephone lines for 5 hours every evening, who wrote each other big notebooks with all the news from the school, when one of us was sick at home, and who wrote down the summary of the episodes of our favourite series, when the others were on a vacation.

and yes, we are still those five girls, but listen to slightly 'older' music, watch 'older' movies and dance to slightly different songs, but we still write each other cards, tell each other how much we love and are there for each other when those boys hurt us.

my dear katez, yakki, zika and elechka, if you only knew how much i love you!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


i love windows.
especially at night: when they are full of light, warmth and families. i got the habit of looking at the windows and imagining the life of people living in them when i was working in diageo. i had a new product test running in samara - a city on volga river - and thus had to spend quite a lot of time in this city. i usually flew to samara on fridays and sometimes stayed there overnight. when after a hard day my colleagues were taking me to the hotel or airport, i was staring at the houses from the car. some of them had red lights in them - and i was sure it was kitchen with round table and granma's pie. we had a red chandelier in the kitchen in my childhood, and since then everytime i see a red window i associate it with warmth of family dinners. some of them had tv blinking, some had a small twinkling light, probably with a child sleeping in there. in winter i often saw fir trees with beautiful lights, colourful stickers on the windows, very often some festive lights. some windows had dark curtains, some of them didn't have curtains at all, but all of them had a great story, which i used to imagine everytime i passed them by.

oh and there was a house in london, which i used to pass by on weekends when i studied there. it was hidden somewhere between the knightsbridge and ennismore gardens, it was white with blue shutters and it had no curtains. everytime i walked by i saw a big sofa with flowers on it which was so cozy. the funny thing is i remember all those houses and windows.

and i'm pretty sure that windows are the face of every city.

right now i would love to find myself in one of the windows from the picture on the left.