Tuesday, April 29, 2014


god has given me one biological and a bunch of unbiological sisters.

i decided to continue the portraits in my blog and this post is about one sister of mine. she is something in between, because biology has played its role. tata, my cousin is probably what i see when i look in the mirror and vice versa. you know they say that a person has several twins around the world, and i got one living in the same city and same family as me. this inspiration today comes from the puppini sisters and  by dedicating this post to her, these ladies singing is a nice background to write to.

do you have a friend whom you want to call the same second anything happens? this anything can be as huge as getting married and as tiny as a new nailpolish colour. do you have a friend who is such an inevitable part of your life that she takes all your worries closer to heart than you do and shares with you the secretiest of all the secrets? i do have exactly this kind of friend. apart from all those things, the level of her kindness is something out of this world. i know no other person with such a huge amount of people loving her and whom she has given all her heart. sometimes this giving is reaching the highest level of absurdness, but we can always have a laugh about that together. because laugh is the next great thing about my sister. her sincerity, truthfulness, intelligence... all those things and many more to say.

apart from all of that, i have a friend, with whom i share a daughter. elene, being tako's child, is my first child as well. she is the one, with whom i learned to babysit, talk and play. she is my personal daughter and the biggest love of my life. and from her mother i am learning how to be a good mum, because as those of you who have children know, it is quite a hard job to be one.

leaving you with puppini sisters and thoughts about your own biological and unbiological sisters.

moodtrack of the day

this is a soundtrack of the day for you to enjoy on this nice tuesday morning. and so is the moodboard. putting them together - meet the moodtrack of the day and have a great day!

One, for starry nights and
Two, for candle lights and
Three, for long walks in the sun
Four, for all the laughter
Five, for ever after
Six, your smile is just the best.

Love is endless

Seven, you're my goodluck charm
Eight, for your open arms
Nine, for best sunday in the rain.
Ten, couldn't get much better
Eleven, two once put together
Twelve, all the joy and happiness.
Love is endless

Thirteen, I got brand new eyes
Fourteen, everything's a surprise
Fifteen, not a day that I regret,
Love is endless.
Love is endless.
Love is endless. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

let's get away from it all

have you already had that moment this year when you realized the spring has arrived?

that moment for me was on saturday night, when after a corporate party i was heading to the airport to meet b. when frank sinatra began singing let's get away from it all from the loudspeakers, when there were practically no cars and i could drive freely, when the night was so warm that i could put the windows down and enjoy the spring air flying through my hair. suddenly it felt more like spring than walking in the sunniest of days with the sunglasses on.

frank moved to my earphones, when i was sitting in the arrivals hall and looking at the happy faces arriving and meeting each other. i think that no other building, place or venue has so many happy people concentrated on one square meter. airport is probably my most favourite place to sit and watch people hugging, kissing, smiling and being happy.

my traditional 'welcome spring' post finishes like that, leaving you with frank and let's get away from it all

Friday, April 11, 2014


this post is for those of you who like to read my blog because of the music in it. being a huge earth, wind and fire fan, i have absolutely no idea why i haven't heard this song before. maybe their wonderland was always only boogie for me, but this wonderland is absolutely great.

have a good friday my dear readers!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

a kind place to live

tbilisi is a kind place to live.

i parked my car yesterday near a restaurant and in a few minutes i saw a parking checker writing fines for the cars on my line. when i asked her whether it was prohibited to park, she asked me which one my car was. i showed it to her, being sure she would hand me the ticket, but she said she remembered it and wouldn't fine me. and there was my car standing in few hours without any ticket.

people make kind things in tbilisi. when somebody does something nice, it's not because he is male and wants to impress or flirt with you. of course those things happen as well, but generally the rule is that kind actions are done regardless age, sex and status of the person.

i can't count the number of times a taxi driver drove me somewhere without taking the money. or a flowerman giving me flowers in the street, or an absolutely unknown person helping me carry heavy and often even unheavy bags. while driving (and some of you know how horrible the drive in tbilisi is) when i show i need to make a sharp turn or even break the traffic law (which sometimes happens), the cars are always letting through. and if you have a child, the kindness level grows by ten. in tbilisi streets, absolutely unfit for strollers, everyone is ready to help carry it up the stairs, down the slope, across the street.

and you know what? kindness is absolutely contagious. those actions of kindness from people always make you do kind things yourself.

                                                        photo by Nukri Photography

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

make your own happiness

i have been intending to post this image for quite a long time now, first of all because i love the background and most importantly, because i love the message. those of you who know me have this image of me always in a positive mood, but those of you who know me very well, know that i am a little bit of a melancholic type. i love to think a lot about small little things and i like to make some stupid stuff too big and worry about it. and i have a perfectionism syndrome. i imagine things as they should be, have strict vision of everything and when reality doesn't come into synchrone with what i have imagined i get really upset. 

since my blog has long become both my diary and notes for the psychologist, in this post i want to admit my weakness and hope that it will help me fulfill the message on the image above. yes, it is absolutely true. we make our own happiness. 

firstly, nothing is perfect. and we can't make it perfect, because perfect is indefinite itself. something that seems perfect for me is absolutely the opposite to someone else. so the pursuit of perfection is doomed to failure from the beginning. 

secondly, our thoughts are material. we can get so much out of life if we think about it in a positive way. if we direct our thoughts and emotions to things that make us happy. and turn them into real actions.

thirdly, expect less. when you expect sun all the time and a sunny day comes, you take it for granted. but when you know that weather can't give you only sun and there are clouds, snow and rain in it's assortment, the sudden sun is appreciated so much more. 

and finally, grab and be thankful for the opportunities that life gives us. my favourite story is about a drowning man and his prayer to destiny (life, opportunity, god) to save him. when destiny (life, opportunity, god) sent a boat to save him, he rejected it with the words that he didn't need a boat and was waiting for destiny (life, opportunity, god) to save him. he continued praying and boats continued coming. when he rejected them all, he drowned. there is no need to always wait for something to be put on the plate in front of us. let's use our hands, all the boats and all the possibilities and make our own happiness.