Friday, August 16, 2013

entertaining cards

the one thing i know is that my son (and every child of his age) adores small little things. he may be staring at something for minutes and i can't even see what it is. so this little game is specially for children who are at the age of exploring world, different surfaces, materials and objects.

first of all, you will need cardboard, which you should cut in small square pieces. the cardboard may be white or you can colour it. then you will need everything that could be glued on the cardboard - spaghetti, candied fruits, beans, buttons, zips - the main rule here is to stick similar things on the same cardboard. i suggest you use a paper glue, which doesn't stick to the fingers of children and is much safer than the glue for all the surfaces. ilia used paper glue, but when i had to stick something that was heavy, i used the superglue, but kept it far away from my child.

the main goal of the game is not to ultimately stick the objects to the cardboard, but to show you child different textures and materials. children at the age of 1 love to tear off everything, so once the objects are stuck, they will try to tear all of them off. keep an eye on your child, don't let him eat any of those objects ;)

when you have cardboards ready you can teach your child how the objects are called. we have a big box where we keep those cards: i name an object, and ilia finds the right cardboard in the box and gives it to me. you can't even imagine how this game works, ilia has learned all of the objects in one evening.