Wednesday, April 3, 2013

make somebody happy

what it takes to make somebody happy? not that much i guess.

we sometimes lack happiness in our hearts. there may be serious reasons for that or there may be no reason at all. but we still feel down from time to time. and suddenly, a small comment, a small gesture, a small gift, a smile and even a glance can change everything and bring back the sun. the sun may be coming from a close friend or an absolute stranger, but it may light up you day in a way it hasn't been lighting from the early morning.

so what it takes to make somebody happy? it actually takes smiling to the strangers, saying nice words to people, giving out compliments, encouraging those near us, making them laugh, thanking them, hugging them and loving them.

and you know what is the best part of it? happiness is contagious. by making others happy you get happy too.

oh, it's so important to make someone happy

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