Friday, December 7, 2012

night lights

i want to share my childhood memories with you. you know how there are moments when you're little which you remember even when you grow up? when you suddenly feel something that you felt in childhood and the warm feeling spreads through your body?

i have this feeling when i lay at night and see the shadows from the car lights on the walls and ceiling of my room. then, in childhood, i spent my summers in tbilisi and telavi:  july at my first grandma, august at my second. in tbilisi we used to live on the 5th floor on one of the biggest and busiest streets. at nights i would lay down and watch those lights from cars passing by playing on the walls. it was always warm and the windows were open. big beautiful trees in front of the windows were waving with their leaves. and their sounds together with the sounds of the street were the best lullaby for me. even now, writing about it, i close my eyes and remember that feeling. in telavi, our house was situated on the main square of the town. the sounds there were a little bit different. there were less cars, because of the difference in the sizes of the cities, of course. in telavi at nights there were more people walking than driving cars. they were often coming back from a birthday party or a wedding, singing songs and laughing. i loved those sounds - i was always so curious to look out of the window and see those happy people, but when your bed is already warm, it was too hard to leave it even for several minutes. so i stayed there looking at the walls and lights from cars on them.

now i live on the 12th floor. the lights from the cars don't always reach my room but i still leave the curtains open so that i can see the lights of the city at night. honestly speaking, i hate curtains, i think they steal the beauty of the views. and yes, i am hundred percent a city person. i cannot see myself living outside it in a house with no street lights and noises around me.


  1. Nin that was great.. for a second i travelled to my childhood .. All that is under my skin. Those sounds..those illuminations those feeling .. GJ !

  2. :* the same memories abt avenue where i stayed at our grandma's...but the sound was so natural of the trolleybuses slipping cables and so different...:* thank u Nin for childhood recalls :*