Saturday, October 22, 2011


i'm talking about my friends and let you get to know them for sure not in order of their importance in my life. in case it was like that, this friend of mine would be in one of my first posts. my friendship with her totally demolishes all the quotes and sayings about old friends and new friends never being able to take their place.

lako and i met in london in 2007 and since then no day has passed without us talking, sharing, helping each other and making each other happy.

let me tell you what kind of person she is. in one word she is a firework. why is that? she is emotional, loud, talkative on one hand, and beautiful, warm, kind on the other. i think in dictionaries she should stand near the definition of word 'friend'. she is always there, in all kinds of times and she is there so wonderfully! she makes surprises, she remembers all your dreams and makes them come true, she makes you laugh and is always ALWAYS on your side. i know even if i'm wrong and she will know that, she still will shout to the world i'm right and never let anyone doubt that. and she is an extremely interesting person, she listens to amazing music, she reads amazing books, watches amazing movies and we always have so many things to discuss and talk about!

that all not to speak of her talent as a designer, i myself wore lako bukia's dress on my wedding... and when i see her collections on the pages of vogues, i cant tell you with words how proud that makes me feel. 

i think lako's husband will be a very lucky man. but he will need to be very very imaginative - it will be so hard to overcome her in terms of surprises, presents and attention.

ps. oh yes, and she is my maid of honour


  1. You know i was thinking about whose dress did you have.. I LOVE it it wos great! please send me a link so I can see her stuff ;) kiss Sabina

  2. my best wishes to YOU & LAKO! She is really very talented person