Monday, October 8, 2012

observation #1. kindness and care

i like to notice different things when i walk in the streets. i have a big collection of things that i have realized about people while watching them act in different types of situations. some of them make me smile, some make me sad, some happy and some proud. i will be writing down all my findings and share them with you.

today i will start with my observation which makes me proud. and this observation proves the fact that people are kind and caring. even regarding those people, who they don't even know.

when i lock my car, its headlights keep shining for some time. i guess it is designed so in order for the car to light your way till you get to the destination, and then they switch off.

but you know every time i park my car, there has never ever been a day, when somebody hasn't noticed that i forgot to switch off my headlights. be it an old man, young lady, children, policeman, cleaner, students, a common passer-by. yesterday, on my way from the car to my house's front door i was caught up by two boys who have been running after me just to say that the headlights were still on. i found this fact so sweet, the fact that people care about you, even if they don't know. and those pleasant things work like a circle. next time i will want to care about other people, whom i don't even know and the kindness and care will go on and on an on.


  1. my car has the same option - and to be honest, this kind of attention annoys me sometimes :)