Friday, March 13, 2015

birthday girl

'it is not so much our friends' help that helps us, 
as the confidence of their help'. 
- Epicurus  

i love writing about my friends, i love the fact that i am blessed to have such great people around me and i often thank god for making me meet each one of them.

today i want to tell you about a person who is my support, my shoulder and my biggest guardian. i'm sure each of you has a person, who is always around and who knows all the details of your life because he/she is physically in it 24/7. who understands what's on your mind even when you say nothing and who can finish your sentence when you have only said first word. such is nata. plus to all of that, she is super caring and super fair. she has her rules and morals which she never breaks. . . and she is always there to encourage you and be on your side.

nat, i'm taking your birthday as an opportunity to thank you for all that you are to me. i will never be able to forget the support you've given me. happy birthday! may your birthday be as sweet as you are!

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