Wednesday, February 4, 2015

boiling water

there is a wonderful saying - 'the same boiling water that softens potatoes - hardens eggs. it's all about what you are made of, not your circumstances'.

i have often heard people talk about other people. it is a big hobby especially for people in such small cities as tbilisi. and while doing so, they often mention their disapproval of those people's actions and the judgement of what they would do instead. they can talk and none of us will ever be able to stop them from talking, but the most important thing here is that - nobody is allowed to judge. yes, the circumstances may be the same for different people, but everyone handles them according to what's inside of them. some people have very emotional hearts (and i attribute myself to those), some have better ability to get hold of themselves, some seem much self-controlled than they actually are and some have blood made of steel. in any case - we all deal with things differently and the circumstances that may have no effect on one person can lead to tears in other person's eyes.

the main thing is to know this when you have a problem and realize that you are not very good at dealing with it - never compare yourself to others and never worry that somebody else would deal with it better, nor judge others who have their own ways of coping with things/or not coping. it's their life and you have nothing to do with their way of living it.

here's a nice song for you today by stevie wonder and my favourite dionne warwick - it's you

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