Wednesday, September 21, 2011

little streets

i have some more stories about croatia to share with you. today its the small narrow streets i want to tell you about. i have always loved such streets, where with your arms open you can touch both sides of them. these type of streets are in french antibes, in tuscany, in many small european towns i've been to, but nowhere they look as fairy-taley as here.

in dubrovnik's old city some streets are composed of only stairs. you look up and see a lady hanging out wet tshirts and lingerie to dry from her window, look to the left, see the light and hear the music coming out of an old balcony, look to the right and here they are - happy people sitting in their garden laughing. 

when i was walking in the streets of old dubrovnik it felt like i was in one big decoration to a movie from last centuries. i can imagine women in long dresses walking here, holding umbrellas, and children in brown shorts and braces playing football, men with walking sticks and black cloaks at night.

the biggest street in the old city has a pavement which is centuries old, it shines all over, can you imagine how many people's feet walked on there? so many, so many, that it is as slippery as ice rink in some places.

i think i could live in such a city, because it has everything i need for the happiness - beauty, sea, nice people, great food, music and sun.

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