Wednesday, August 31, 2011

happy birthday Cia!

today is birthday of a person, whom i look alike most of all in the world - my grandmother Cia. she was one of the most amazing people i know and i want to share with you the memories of her and the way i remember her. she was an ideal of a woman - even in her 80s, she never forgot to have her hair done, her nails looking perfect, her wardrobe renewed all the time. and she had amazing dresses - one of which - a black one with colourful flowers all around it we adored. she knew it, and would wear it to meet us whenever we were coming from moscow for the holidays, she would also wear it on her birthday, but only after we were asking her for several weeks beforehand, she would never wear the same outfit, she was a real fashionista :)

and she was an amazing doctor. when i was visiting her clinic few months ago, just the mention of her name made everyone gather around me and tell me all great stories about her. she was fantastic, after work when she came home she would bring us sweets, candies, presents and then in the evening would bake pies and cakes. her peach pie is  something i still dream about.

she had a great heart and trusted and loved absolutely everyone. i would come home and see absolute strangers in our flat. when i would ask, who are these people - she would say, they came from village, sell jams and fruits in tbilisi and have nowhere to stay, so i let them in for a few days.

oh! and she was a great literature lover. she had a subscription to all literature magazines, her collection of books was amazingly big and her best friend and my fathers godmother was Anna Kalandadze, famous georgian poet. Cia would show me all the books, tell stories about them: some of them she bought herself, some were the presents from her admirers (with romantic notes 'to my fairy lady' written on them), the story of others she couldn't remember. her handwriting was something fantastic - it was so beautiful, my whole childhood i was trying to copy it but couldn't. she wrote with beautiful letters - which could be a great georgian font to computerize - each letter was beautiful like a painting.

i want to share with you a note she wrote from the name of her son, so that you can see her handwriting yourself and i will also post a picture of her once i scan it to the computer.

happy birthday Cia!

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