Wednesday, April 25, 2012

queen of desserts

you know my passion for desserts. if i could, i would eat only sweets instead of other food. having tasted desserts in almost all the cafes and shops in tbilisi it is time to start dessert-tasting in moscow. especially, as it turned out that my pregnancy gives me great opportunities for that :)

on my first weekend here in moscow, i was meeting my friends at tinatin, where the waiters presented me a meringue with cream and fruits on top as a compliment for my pregnancy :) it tasted great, and i am planning to try baking this once i have my energy back.

the next day, after the dizzy gillespie all star big band concert, me and bachi were walking down the tverskaia street, where i saw Paul, one of my favourite london-time cafes.

i couldn't resist when i saw strawberry tart. and here again, just as i bought my tart, the waitress gave me second one as a present for my expecting state.

so i'm taking back my words about the hospitality, and would like to ensure you, sweets definitely make people working near them sweeter.

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