Thursday, June 28, 2012

perfect couple

couples are actually called couples because they are two individuals of the same sort considered together. but all the couples are different, some of them you can't even call like that - because they are so very separate and when thinking about one of them you don't always remember that there is a second half. but two good friends of mine i want to write this post about are in my understanding the definition of the 'couple' word itself.

when i think about kakha, i automatically imagine katya and vice versa. kakha is one of my oldest friends and his perfectly beautiful wife is truly his second half. they do everything together, they fit each other like two pieces of one puzzle, in every sentence they mention each others names, think absolutely identically and are perfectly happy. you can see that without even hearing them talk. it is all written on their faces.

i wish everyone of my single and not only single readers to have such a second half in their life.


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