Sunday, June 24, 2012

starry night

today this picture was posted in my friend list and i couldn't take my eyes off it. it has charmed me through my soul and i have been staring at it for quite a long time now. i have never heard of the painter - alex ruiz - neither did wikipedia, i have no idea what other paintings he has got, but this one is definitely something amazing. for a moment i wished i was in this field, i would lay down and stare at the sky for the whole night.

then i remembered some nice Betania evenings with my best friends, when we used to set up a special star-staring station - with blankets on the grass, barry white on the background and falling stars in the sky. we grow up, things change, but we should never forget to gather and do all those things that always made us happy. here is a song for my ani, sali, keti and marika - just to remember those great evenings and never loose them.

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