Friday, March 7, 2014

the colours of barcelona

i have visited spain first when i was 12 years old. it was 1999 and with my memory of not remembering what i did yesterday, the fact that i remember some bits from that trip is already very unusual. those flashes of memory include the monument of don quixote and sancho panza in madrid, me buying a spanish fan near Prado museum, a visit to Barcelona aquarium, wavy gaudi park and even wavier houses and finally, the music festival in lloret de mar. travelling is great and travelling to the places you have been to in childhood and rediscovering them is even greater.

this year i spent a week in those two cities of spain and decided to write down some of the feelings that i took back with me from that trip. the main feeling from barcelona is the feeling of colours. i know such feeling doesn't exist, but i cannot say it in different words. no other place in this world that i have visited is as colourful as barcelona. you know my deep love to everything colourful, in architecture, home decor, clothes, accessories - and this city is from now on my colourful list.

one more thing i have noticed about myself is the fact, that when i visit this or that country, when walking around it, the only songs that come to my mind and which i sing to myself are those in the language of the place i'm visiting. yes, i sing songs to myself all the time, absolutely unintentionally and on the automatic level, so during my walking days in barcelona the top song on my mind was by tucara and alba molina - no puedo quitar mis ojos de ti. on my previus trip to austria, the songs i sang were only german, so in this case with spain, the choice of songs was much wider, since my head ipod is fuller with spanish songs than the german ones.

leaving you with this song and wishing all of us some more colours in our life, because in my opinion, the levels of colours and happiness are mutually dependent.

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