Monday, March 10, 2014

the first date

on 8th of march we went to the concert of georgian band 33a. this concert was one big reason to write a post or even several posts. this post is inspired by a couple who was sitting on my lefthandside and was absolutely for sure on the first date. by the middle of the concert i wanted to kill them because of their put-on enthusiasm, but then i tried to look at the whole thing from their side and it all began to make sense. 

have you noticed those couples who have just begun dating? how many common things they have? with some differences, they more or less:

are never quite. the silence is something that can be achieved on the next steps of dating. first-daters talk so much, about themselves, about weather, movies and everything that from their point of view will build the image of themselves in the eyes of their date. but the talking is inevitable. what else can you do, when somebody doesn't know you inside out and you can tell him any stories in the world? especially those ones, that make you look good and as a result, feel even better. 

are always laughing. probably everyone, even subconsciously, knows that we all look best when we smile, and that's what we do on dates. we laugh to every joke, to every not-even-a-joke, and we laugh so loud. and are generally very loud. i have noticed that first-daters talk much louder that normal-daters. maybe to impress each other more, i have no answer to that.

are always going into each other's spaces. they suddenly hug, touch hands, stroke shoulders - to show they like each other. and almost always those things are pretty subconscious, the most logical thing to do when you like somebody.

don't care about people around. on the first date, you care only about person you are impressing. and therefore see only him. with laughs, loud talks and smiles. you begin noticing waiters, audience in the theatre, viewers at the cinema, musicians in the restaurant only when you have been dating for some time already. until then, you don't care what other people will think. 

that is why first dates are great. even if some girl is sitting next to you wishing you would EVER stop laughing and let her enjoy the concert. 

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