Friday, May 16, 2014

sunday kind of love

my love for etta james is huge. her voice and manner of singing is inexpressible with words. you know, every person has his type of performers, by that i mean those performers, whose songs one can listen to without skipping one or another. those artists, whose cd you buy/download and you love listening to all the songs from the very first interlude to the very last beat. honestly speaking i don't have a lot of such artists. but etta james is definitely on that list. together with barry white, george benson, marvin gaye, remy shand and gladys knight.

'a sunday kind of love' is such a wonderful song, with such great lyrics, that when you listen to it, you immediately forget it's friday morning and you are sitting at work planning this or that. you feel like you are on a pier, sunny sunday afternoon and..

...I do my Sunday dreaming
And all my Sunday scheming
Every minute, every hour, every day..

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