Tuesday, May 27, 2014

ready for happiness

good day my dear readers,

in case you have missed nice good-afternoon tunes, this song below is for you. i have been thinking about one quote that my friend sent to me today

if you think about it, it is so true! there are so many things we reject because we say, we are not ready. not ready for children, not ready for relationship, for moving on, for happiness. you can sit in the same comfort position and be afraid of changes, because, as we all know, changes lead to the breaking of something you are already used to. but until you try new things, you can never judge what is best. the comparison makes it possible to find what is best for you, what you like and love more. so don't be afraid of changes, be ready for them, because once you start something new, you may never want to go back.

and start something new now. don't loose time on weighing possibilities, on writing down pluses and minuses and thinking. be ready for happiness. now.

Soundtrack: Jack Hoban & Wendy Reizer - Moonlight on the Sands

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