Thursday, July 17, 2014

clear conscience

my friend's words today inspired me to write a post about conscience. some of you who know me, also know that i am quite a religious person. there are many things that a church teaches us but i want write about one of its thoughts about conscience, which i like to interpret in my own way.

we all do different stuff, sometimes good, sometimes bad. sometimes intentionally and very often unintentionally. there are also different kinds of people, those who are more conscious and those who are less. to the first group of people i attribute those who always think they are right. who think that they have 100 per cent truth and who's conscious hurts them little less. those people do things, which they never regret and instead of feeling uncomfortable, their conscious gives them hundred reasons why. why they did so, why it was right and why there was no other way of doing it. the other kind of people are those whom you watch in a movie, who lie about something or do something wrong, but they cannot keep it inside, nor can they justify their acts or words. and you watch them and think 'don't don't say, it won't do any good - the main hero will be upset, they will split up, a tragedy will happen. but those people always say it, and in a moment you know what is best for them - clear conscious. i like this kind of people. because they spend time clearing their heart, spend time judging themselves and feeling sorry. not only in the movies but also in the real life. maybe all of us should spend some time everyday criticizing ourselves, realizing that we are not perfect and doubting our actions and words. it should make us better people in any way.

here is a song that i have been listening to while writing this post  - it gives huge inspiration, hope it also inspires you for something good today

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