Monday, August 11, 2014

my city that's never late

i love to watch cities wake up.

tbilisi is a late-wake-upper. when all other cities turn on their laptops and start meetings, tbilisi just wakes up. by 10 o'clock the ladies start sweeping the welcome signs to their corner shops, drivers open their gates and start the engines, people start walking toward bus stops. you won't see anyone running here, it is practically impossible to find a georgian who is late. because the meeting times are so flexible here. plus minus 20 minutes means nothing. and georgians never eat in the streets. i love eating on my way somewhere, because it often saves me so much time. and when i do so, i can feel people staring at me in a strange way. how can a person run with food in his hands? eating time is so precious here and cannot be rolled over like that. drivers do drive like crazy in tbilisi, but not in a quick-like crazy way - but in a sort of relaxed-like crazy.

the atmosphere of tbilisi is pretty relaxed in general. and probably this is just what i needed after years of living in big crazy cities. people move a lot, live in so many different places and i can say that i have found the place i love living in. though i still have to learn to stop running.

leaving you with my favourite georgian composer - gia kancheli

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