Wednesday, July 16, 2014

my butterfly

this song comes to my mind every time i think about my aka. she is now high up in the sky on her way to new life and new beginnings just like a butterfly, that is why i dedicate my today's post to her

when you start a new life in a different country it is always pretty hard, especially when you are leaving such a huge number of friends, family and people who love you behind. but the thing is that such people as aka are real-life magnets. they attract people around them with the speed of sound, no matter in what city or country they are. and this happens not without a reason.

i have never seen so many great qualities combined in one person in such huge amounts. the thing i love most about aka is that she is true. she is who she is, without playing or pretending. you know when she does something she doesn't mean anything else or think about something different - she does what her heart tells her, says what she feels and acts to her conscious. she is a great friend. i don't even know if she has any limits when something is needed for her friend. absolutely opposite to selfish, she is most giving and caring when it comes to helping a friend. and she is the queen of emotions. a real-life firework and a real-life battery who fires up everything around her.

she knows how much i'm going to miss her, miss talking and laughing with her every day but she also knows how happy i am for her new beginnings, all the success and happiness that are now in front of her

and i'm from my part will be there for her when she needs me


leaving you with chaka khan and my butterfly song