Friday, August 22, 2014

no photos available

i have been thinking a lot about photos these days. and realizing that with the appearance of facebook and later instagram, photos began to play such a huge role in everyone's life. we take photos of everything, our iphones are always lacking memories and there are no filters left unused. i sometimes also catch myself on the fact that i look at a beautiful scenery through the screen of instagram photo upload. the other half of me realizes that is not healthy. we miss those real-life beautiful sceneries and lots of other things while running after beautiful shots.

i sometimes have a feeling that people make parties, events, meet ups, travel tours and many other things just in the sake of uploading photos of them. and that feeling also tells me that the less photos you take - the better time is usually spent in real life. and that is when you realize that after a party is over, if the only thing in your camera roll looks like this

you can say it's been a really cool party. 
leaving you with my favourite summer tune and your parties to enjoy without iphones

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