Friday, October 3, 2014


have you noticed what a dance does to you? try to remember that feeling you have when you dance. the feeling of freedom and flight. when i dance to the music that i love, i can close my eyes and be the happiest person on earth. in that moment i forget everything.

if you're sad, dance makes you happy, and if you're happy - it makes you three times happier.
i like what baz luhrmann once said - dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but in our own living room. and that is so true - once you feel tired, or sad or melancholic - all you need to do to get better is dance. dance anywhere - in the street, in the office, on the bed. the blood turns into the tunes of a song and dances its way through your body, making you a different person.

my son is a devoted dancer. i think genetics did its thing and every morning he wakes us up with the request to turn on the music and dance. i won't lie - this is how our every day starts. and my mornings have never been better.

this particular song i'm sharing with you is by melody gardot. i have posted her songs not once on my blog, i love her voice and her manner of singing very much. this song is very positive, and its video is worth watching, especially on this grey day, when we lack colours, sun and warmth.

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