Wednesday, October 1, 2014

magic in the moonlight

i love woody allen's latest movies for their beautiful scenes. probably on my list of favourite directors, he is number two after wes anderson. sometimes i see a very big resemblance in movies of those two wonderful directors and one thing they have hundred percent in common for me is that i wait for movies of both of them with huge thrill of joy.

magic in moonlight sounded great from the very beginning and i was anticipating its resemblance with midnight in paris which i loved a lot. the mood was very close indeed. firstly, the entourage and sceneries. secondly the music, as for me woody has fantastic choice of music in his movies. they all take you away from this century and land you in the great era of gold and sparkle. after music comes the humor. i absolutely adore the funny dialogs and settings in 'magic'. one scene changes into another and brings more and more smiles. and oh, the actors. i have always loved colin firth, who for some reason is always a mark darcy for me. and even here i was listening to stanley, but was hearing mark darcy. is it me, or maybe it is colin who is so used to playing mark darcys that he is going deeper and deeper inside this character. and i absolutely loved emma stone. she is so charming and beautiful in this role, that i cannot think of anyone else who would fit sophie just as perfect as emma does.

if you are looking for a nice heart warming movie to get your mind off work and everyday things, magic in the moonlight is a perfect movie to watch and transform into france of 1930's.


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