Monday, February 2, 2015

little grocery game

those of you who read my blog may have noticed my hobby of observing things. i like to watch people in the streets, i like observing friends, couples, families. in the restaurants, i like thinking about people on the tables around - what they do, how they are related to each other, i come up with different stories about everyone and begin imagining what their life looks like.

one more silly thing i do is that i look at the grocery shopping lists of other people in the row in front of me, and at all the parallel cashier desks which i can see and make predictions about their lives. this is the best and funniest way to kill minutes of standing in the long queues.

you can say for sure that a person has a child, even guess if it's a boy or a girl, you can see how health-oriented he or she is, does she have a big family? if she picks up several packs of chicken and lots of vegetables - you can for sure say she's cooking for a big family of minimum four. i often see guys who buy some really single boy things - plates, razors, small dish-washing liquids (obviously the least practical of all), packs of beer; or school friends, who bring together all the coins that their parents have given them and buy candies for their classmate girls..

.. and then i stop to look at my grocery. it would be super interesting to know what somebody standing behind me would think of me after looking at the things i buy.

it would be easy to guess i have a child, apart of the fact that my child is usually there with me shopping, i have lots of child things - cornflakes, cookies, yogurts, animal shaped pastas and lots of books, which i manage to find anywhere i shop. they would guess i am a sweets-loving person and that our family really really loves guests. they would also think that i am a vegetarian and my husband loves meat. they would definitely be wrong because it is all vice versa in my family, but then, i can't control their thoughts, so if in somebody's thoughts i am a healthy food eater, that won't be too bad. they would know i love to bake more than cook and that i work for borjomi. and in all their predictions they will be pretty much close to truth.

so next time you do your grocery shopping have a look at what you buy - it is funny to realize how your shopping list looks in the eyes of someone from the outside.

i am writing this post listening to curtis mayfield and his 'let's not forget', which has absolutely nothing to do with the topic of this post, but which i don't want to lose. when i want to listen to some nice music i always open my blog - here is the place where i keep all the songs i love, even more than in any playlist of mine.

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