Friday, August 14, 2015

music of dancing waves

as a huge bossa nova fan, i have been listening a lot to antonio carlos jobim, joao gilberto, astrud gilberto and probably each and every artist who has ever performed anything in this style.

i can say one thing - when my favourite joao donato's music is on, you know it straight away, because it's such a different bossa nova! bossa nova with little sway, as i like to call it. his bossa nova is like the dancing waves of the ocean and his voice is amazingly soft and warm. i can just put on his whole album, close my eyes and taste the salt from the ocean dissolving in the air. i can feel sand under my feet and hear the sound of birds and happy people dancing to this amazing rhythm. and i feel like dancing too. in my office room, in hot tbilisi street or wherever i may be.

it's time to visit brasil.

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