Sunday, August 9, 2015

one patriotic post

some things and stories have been coming to my mind, which i wanted to share with you. most of them are connected to georgia and how much i love living in this country. maybe because of the tourist season, or maybe because i have been walking around the city a lot recently, but this is exactly what i want to write about now.

i am happy to be living in the city which i love, to be loving the life in this city and the atmosphere it has. the best thing this city has is kindness. and that people here care. even if they have seen you for the first time in a queue for the carousel where you forgot to top up the paying card - they pay for you; if you are the last one in a fifty people line to get into the funicular train with a child, they let you in as first; when you sit in a cafe with friends the waiter pays your bill; someone gives you an ice-cream in the street because she has an extra one; complete strangers help you carry heavy bags up the stairs, and heavy stroller too (because, yes, tbilisi is an absolutely child unfriendly city), old people give you detailed directions to every street you need.. 

all those things make you feel that you are never alone in this city, someone always cares for you, even if he or she doesn't know you name. that is a great thing to see, notice and appreciate. and next time do something for someone who's name you don't know. and stop complaining about tbilisi. 

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