Saturday, March 5, 2011

stomach butterflying love

Some time ago I was thinking of writing a post on love, but couldn't get the right words to express all my thoughts on that subject. I still haven't found the words but it is always fine to try.

Years ago, I used to wonder how love feels like. The closest thing to it I found was music. I believed that when a person was in love, he felt as good as he did on suddenly hearing a great song, which would make all the butterflies jump and fly all around the stomach bumping into each other and multiplying. That is what used to happen in my stomach when one of those 'butterfly-bringing' songs started in my iPod. Romance has never been my type of thing, and I loved to repeat it all the time. But honestly speaking, the ones who say they never drink, are the biggest alcoholics. Just the same way turned out the situation with me and romance. And butterflies began to appear with songs, beautiful views, sunsets, friends, romantic stories, movies, books. 

But when love came, I could tell it straightaway. It was not the expected one, nor was it crazy-crazy. It just felt so good. Happy and good. The butterflies were there too. But different kind of butterflies. I guess they had different colour.

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