Thursday, March 3, 2011

[ˈvilnʲus] - first impressions.

I have always imagined Vilnius to look like Prague, don't know why, but when you hear of a city you have never been to, you always seem to imagine it. I thought it was a very narrow-streeted, small-housed, old-european style city.

But I was completely wrong. When I arrived in Vilnius, the first impression of the city started upon meeting the passport control lady. She asked me million of questions. Believe me nowhere in other countries I have been to (and I've been to quite a lot of places) was the passport control so strict, unfriendly and aggressive. My answer on the question why I arrived in Vilnius (tourism) didn't seem to satisfy the lady. She repeated the question three times, wondering why would I go to Vilnius for tourism. She wanted to see my return ticket, cash, credit cards, rings and earrings a wore :) Thank God, she didn't ask me to show what kind of underwear I was wearing. :))

Having escaped from the lady, I finally managed to get out of the airport to see a small city, with soviet architecture, reminding me of the outskirts of Moscow (city I have lived 20 years in). On the bright side, not to disappoint my Lithuanian readers, I should say that I really liked the central street in the old city. And maybe I just need few more days to walk around and get the spirit.

There are different cities, the cities 'that never sleep' are the ones I love. Vilnius is definitely a city for other type of people.

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