Sunday, May 22, 2011

a sunny post

this will be a very sunny post. and that's because it was a very sunny day with very sunny friends.

my day started with the best thing - my friend from the US arrived in Tbilisi, and i picked her up and we went for a lunch to my favourite cafe. there we had very nice food and sunny lemonade, and ice creams. ice cream was the topic of the day, since we had some more of it because of my little niece, who adores it.

our day became more sunny when we went to the paintings market, the most positive place in whole tbilisi.

when you are surrounded by absolutely amazing paintings and painters, wander through them and find a bright one, the one your soul tells you 'to must have' at home, the day is definitely becoming more sunny.

now this fantastic painting is in my apartment, and will brighten my day every time i'll have a look at it.

ps. and yes, i have used the word 'sunny' 7 times in this post.

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