Wednesday, November 9, 2011

to paint is to love

... words of Séraphine Louis - painter from Senlis, who has learned to paint by herself, and was so poor that couldn't afford canvas to write her paintings on it. nor could she afford colours - so she created them herself: from mud, animal blood, wax from candles in the church... i didn't know anything about her before i saw move 'Séraphine' yesterday. i have never been a big fan of naive painting, but the story of her life shocked me.

person, who has no education, no money, no time for anything: because she serves in several houses, cleans, washes, cleans, washes; who lives in a small room and has no money to pay rent for, who almost doesn't eat, because few su that she earns she spends on white paint and lacquer - that is the real artist, i should say.

if you haven't seen this movie, my big recommendation for you is to watch it, not just to enjoy the story, but to learn about one great talented person, because, it is sad that so many of them are left unacknowledged.

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