Wednesday, November 2, 2011


i have found a dvd with my old videos, which i made many years ago. first videos go back to my 3rd grade and show different countries, occasions and years since then: my trips, parties with friends, some more trips and  parties with friends. i was so excited that i immediately transferred them to my computer. i shared some of them on facebook for my friends who are part of those videos to enjoy.

here i will share with you our celebration of 2000 year - the millenium in Paris. i look horrible - just like a 13-year-old should probably look, so i cropped myself out as much as i could.

it is really worth keeping all the old memories and photos and videos from the childhood, it helps you to remember things, because without them everything is forgotten. a good proof to that is that last january me and bachi visited the same hotel where this video is taken and where we stayed in 2000, but i just realized it only now, after watching the video.

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