Thursday, August 23, 2012

thoughts on toys and cartoons

you know i have been thinking a lot about how children are raised these days and i came to a very correct, as i think, thought. the character and nature of a child once he or she grows up is directly connected with the toys he plays and cartoons he watches.

in our childhood we had great soviet cartoons, beautiful disney stories, happy toys and the maximum aggression was seen in tom trying to catch jerry and wolf trying to eat rabbit from 'Nu, pogodi!'

but what do we see now? transformers, guns, killers, super-angry-men ... children, who care only about their toys killing each other and betting which one of their ugly soldier toys will beat which makes me worry about my son's future. i honestly believe that children raised with aggression cannot grow into kind and loving people.

as far as my ilia is concerned, i am planning to buy him only kind toys. i believe it still will work in our world. i have two great examples for that - my nephew dati and godson achi, whose parents managed to teach them how to love winnie-the-poohs instead of transformers, play football instead of 'wars and battles' and read books instead of playing with iPads.

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